Tunisha Sharma Case: Vasai Court Extends Accused Sheezan Khan’s Police Custody Till Friday

New Delhi: TV actor Tunisha Sharma’s suicide has shocked the entertainment industry. Besides being a massive blow to her family, Tunisha’s death has been hard for her friends and colleagues in the TV industry. Amidst her death, Tunisha’s ex-boyfriend and co-star Sheezan Khan has come under intense scrutiny. Sheezan Khan, was arrested on suspicion of aiding suicide, is one of the 22 people whose statements are said to have been recorded by police who are investigating the case.

As per ANI, the actor has been sent for an extended 2-day police custody by the Vasai court. ANI’s tweet read, “Actor Tunisha Sharma death case | Maharashtra: Vasai Court sends accused Sheezan Khan to 2-day police custody.”

Tunisha Sharma, 21, who acted in the show ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul’, was found hanging in the washroom on the set of the serial on Saturday.

Khan (27) was arrested on Sunday on the charge of abetting her suicide.

Sharma’s mother on Monday alleged Khan had cheated and “used” her daughter for three to four months.

Now, CCTV footage from the hospital where Tunisha was first taken has surfaced online.

Tunisha was seen being carried to a hospital by the cast and crew in a widely circulated video, including her co-star and ex-boyfriend Sheezan Khan. Now, a hospital doctor has disclosed that Sheezan, a suspect in Tushisha’s death case, continued weeping and begging him to save her while they were both in the hospital.

Tunisha Sharma was declared dead at the Vasai hospital. Now, Dr. Honey Mittal from the same hospital has spoken to Midday.

“On Saturday around 4.10 pm, about 3-4 people arrived at the hospital with Tunisha Sharma. Her co-actor Sheezan Khan was also with them and he told me to save her anyhow. He was crying continuously. But her body was cold and when we checked her eyes there was no movement. We also did a confirmatory test and an ECG but we found a flat line and declared her dead. We also found a strangulation mark on her neck during the physical examination. Someone strangulated her or she hanged herself. We informed the cops about the body,” the doctor told the publication.