Tulkalam in CPIM march, barricade broken – head cracked – tear gas fired

Tulkalam incident took place in Tamlu around the Left’s march. Today, on Tuesday, CPIM workers, Sara Bharat Krishaksabha and farm laborers organized a raid on the District Collector’s office and a program of civil disobedience. In that regard, first, after the meeting at Nimtauri intersection of Tamluk, the procession was proceeding to the District Magistrate’s office. The police stopped the march. Then the police got into a skirmish with the leftist supporters. From the skirmish takes the appearance of a battlefield. One’s head explodes.

What exactly happened in Tamluk? On this day, there was a lot of tension in the clash between the activists and supporters who were marching with the police. This huge gathering broke several police barricades. When the situation escalated, the police fired water cannons and tear gas shells at the gathering. It is alleged that the left activists started throwing bricks at the police. Today, the leftists were leading a procession to encircle the district magistrate’s office. The program was led by Sujan Chakraborty, Anadi Sahu, Paritosh Patnayak. Massive clashes started to prevent it.

How did the left succeed? The news of today’s procession was already with the district police. Therefore, the police had created a three-tiered security zone in front of the district magistrate’s office. But as this huge procession proceeded, it crumbled like a house of cards. After many days, the Left showed such a march. And seeing this, the police water cannon went down the street to disperse the procession. Tear gas cells are fired. It is reported that several left activists-supporters were injured in the clash with the police. A left supporter named Anupam Mondal also suffered a head injury in this incident. The police counter-complained that bricks were also thrown at them from the procession. However, the left activists blocked the National Highway 41 after being interrupted in the procession. Due to which massive traffic jam is created.

What else is known? CPIM’s organization in East Medinipur has reached rock bottom since it left power in 2011. Since then no major movement could be made in that way. Sitting in the opposition seat, this is the first time that CPIM has marched with such strength in the district. According to Tamluk police station, about 2 thousand workers-supporters gathered today. They broke the barricade in front of the District Magistrate’s office. Pushed with the police. Micking is also done to prevent forced entry into government offices. But they attacked the police without listening to us.