TTE Massacre Case in Panipat: Ugrakhedi’s Panchayat agreed on the assurance of three demands; Due to not coming on the spot of SP-DC, it was hot.

Panipata few moments ago

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People of Ugrakhedi doing panchayat with the police sitting in the park outside the mortuary of the Civil Hospital.

The post-mortem of the dead body was conducted on Thursday in connection with the stabbing of a railway TTE Manpreet Malik on Sanauli Road in Haryana’s Panipat city on Wednesday night. The post mortem has been done by the board of doctors. Apart from this, duty magistrate SDM Virendra Dhul remained in the case.

During this post-mortem process that lasted from morning to afternoon, 500 people of village Ugrakhedi were present in the hospital. People demanded to call SP and DC on the spot. But due to the busyness of both, they could not reach the spot.

Due to which anger broke out among the people on the spot and it became hot. On the basis of the CID report, ASP Vijay Kumar on behalf of the police administration and SDM Virendra Dhull reached the spot on behalf of the district administration.

Heard the demands of both the people and gave proper assurance and controlled the angry people. However, according to sources, in this case, the police have arrested 4 suspects while identifying 6 named people.

ASP Vijay Singh giving updates about the incident to the people.

ASP Vijay Singh giving updates about the incident to the people.

District Bar Association President placed demands
About 500 people of village Ugrakhedi did the panchayat in the civil hospital itself. However, the villagers demanded that SP Shashank Kumar Sawan should come on the spot and clarify the picture in the case and give any assurance related to the arrest of the accused. From morning till afternoon, people stuck to this point.

In the afternoon, ASP Vijay Singh reached Civil Hospital. There was a large number of police force including DSP Pradeep Kumar, SHO Mahipal. On behalf of the villagers, District Bar Association President Surendra Duhan, after mutual advice, placed his demands before the police administration.

In which three demands were mainly raised. On these three demands, the police and the district administration got consent. After which the family took the dead body to the civil hospital and went to the village.

Panchayat in the park of Civil Hospital.

Panchayat in the park of Civil Hospital.

these three demands
1. Every accused directly and indirectly involved in the crime should be arrested within two-three days.
2. After the arrest of the accused, while interrogating them, four or five fun-loving people of the village should also be included. So that the villagers can also get to know about the real facts of the murder.
3. There should be a ban on Hanuman Swaroop Sabhas held every year in the district.

ASP gave these assurances
1. The accused have been identified. He will be arrested within the next two days. Police teams are busy in their arrest.
2. Any four people whose names will be given by the committee of the Panchayat to be included in the inquiry, they will definitely be included.
3. DC will be asked through SDM Virendra Dhull for ban on Hanuman Swaroop gatherings and action will be taken as per rules.

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