Tricks to Help Pet Parent Train Their Furry Friends

Last Updated: August 06, 2022, 19:21 IST

There is no denying the fact that being a pet parent is one of the best feelings in the world. But along with that, it is also a hard truth that taking care of them can be a bit hectic, especially training them during their initial days. Now, proper training and behaviour practices hold immense importance in the growth of a dog’s mental aptitude. And it’s the responsibility of the pet parent to consider thinking carefully about it. Detailing some of the tricks to help a pet parent train their dog, part-time behaviourist consultant, Adnan Khan in conversation with a media revealed that often he has come across owners who blamed their furry friend for everything.

Clearing this common misconception, Adnan said, “In reality, most dogs have almost very little wrong with them; but it is the owners whose actions and character are directly reflected upon by their pets.” Adnan added that it is the “knowledge and dedication” of a pet parent that can help in providing “the most structured and happy life to their dogs.” The pet parents even have an option of hiring a trainer or behaviourist, but the owners should be closely involved in the lives of their furry friends as they are the ones spending time with their dog. Another for this is while the trainers may teach new tricks to the dog, it is the parent that has to practice and enforce these commands regularly on their dogs.

Canine Behaviourist and Training expert, Mitali Salvi explained some of the ways to train your dog, and not paying attention to an activity you don’t want him to do, tops the list. Mitali explains that if your dog is behaving a certain way that you want to change, for example asking for food scraps from the table, then do not pay any attention to him. Do not even say a ‘No’. Do not engage with the dog while eating food. Maintain consistency and after a point, your dog will learn that this behavior is not helping him and will eventually stop.

In addition, puppies are generally energetic and friendly. But if your pup seems to be dominating or stubborn, then you need to make sure that his energy is being utilized in some form. The expert suggests engaging them in physical and mental exercises. And when the energy will be directed towards some actions your pup will eventually calm down. She continued that your pet needs to learn to be alone for a while without being dependent on you. And for this crate training will help your dog to have a space for themselves where they can enjoy their alone time. But keep in mind that you do not force your pup into the crate. Instead, try to make the crate a desirable place for him.

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