Tribal woman got a diamond worth 20 lakhs while picking wood: She brought home a bright stone in emerald, got a valuable diamond after investigation

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The luck of a tribal laborer woman in Panna shone when she found a shiny stone gleaning wood. She brought this shiny beautiful stone home and showed it to her husband. After this, both of them reached the diamond office with him. Then it came to know that it is not a stone but a precious diamond of 4 carat 39 cents. The cost of which is around 20 lakh rupees.

Marigold Devi, a resident of Purshottampur in Panna, had gone to pick wood in the forest behind the jail on Monday morning. A shining stone appeared on the way. Genda Bai picked him up. Came home and told my husband. However, the husband and wife could not identify the shining stone. After keeping it in the house for two days, Heera reached the office on Wednesday. Here his luck changed.

Genda Devi with her family.

12 percent royalty and 1 percent tax will be deducted

Marigold Devi showed the shining stone to diamond connoisseur Anupam Singh. After identification, the diamond was deposited in the office. Which will be placed in the upcoming diamond auction. After deducting 12 percent royalty and 1% tax in the auction, the remaining amount will be deposited in the account of Genda Bai.

The value of diamond found by Marigold Devi is up to 20 lakh rupees.

The value of diamond found by Marigold Devi is up to 20 lakh rupees.

Will marry daughters, will also build houses

Genda Devi told that the financial condition of the house is very bad. The expenses of the house are met by selling wood and doing labour. Has four sons and two daughters. One daughter has reached the age of marriage. Who was worried. Now Bhagwan Jugal Kishore Sarkar listened. Will marry daughters with the amount received from diamonds. Will build houses.

Diamond was found by another woman two months ago

This is not the first time that a woman has got a diamond like this in Panna. There have been many such cases in the past as well. In May this year too, a woman had found a diamond worth Rs 10 lakh. The woman had taken a lease of a diamond mine by paying Rs 200. Three months later, he got this diamond. Read full news…

Similarly, in the first week of May, Pratap Singh Yadav, a resident of Jharkua village, had found a precious diamond of a bright variety in the mine. He found a diamond of 11.88 carats in the shallow mine of Krishna Kalyanpur. The estimated cost of which was 60 to 70 lakh rupees. Read full news…

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