Trainer accused of sexual harassment in Karnal: MBBS students said- told to wear clothes with deep neck so that beauty bone could be seen

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A committee of 11 members reached Kalpana Chawla Medical College in Karnal, Haryana on Saturday for inspection. The college students made a sensational disclosure in front of this committee. The girl students accused trainer Pawan Kumar of sexual harassment.

The college administration was stunned by the outspoken attitude of the girl students. He was not able to understand whether he should handle the committee that came for inspection or the girl students. The situation was such that the responsible officers of the college administration were seen hiding their faces here and there. The aggrieved girl students met the members of the committee and narrated their ordeal.

The team reached the medical college for inspection.

Students told you in 7 pagespast
Before meeting the committee members, the girl students sent a complaint to the CM through e-mail, in which the girl students narrated their ordeal in a 7-page letter. The girl students have alleged that the OT trainer started brainwashing them. He used to tell the girl students that you have no one here except me. Even your parents don’t want you to be well. Just have to share every type of things with me.

Greed to get job in PGI Chandigarh
Even the girl students were lured that the child who would tell them everything about all the children, would make him CR. Along with this, he will also get him employed in PGI Chandigarh. The master trainer also used to pass obscene remarks on the girl students. The girl students were emotionally blackmailed. CR was also tortured a lot, whose health has also deteriorated.

Messages sent to girl students, torture for not replying
Being a master trainer, the girl students could not even protest. If she protested, she was tortured. Not only this, contrary messages were also sent directly to the girl students. If someone did not reply, he was tortured the next day. With this, the trainer used to say that put on these deep neck clothes so that the beauty bone is visible.

Students narrating their ordeal to Congress MLA from Assandh, Shamsher Singh Gogi.

Students narrating their ordeal to Congress MLA from Assandh, Shamsher Singh Gogi.

A committee of 11 members including 4 MLAs had reached the college
On Saturday, an 11-member inquiry committee reached Kalpana Chawla Medical College for inspection at Kalpana Chawla Medical College, Karnal. Four MLAs are also included in this committee. In which Assandh MLA Shamsher Singh Gogi, MLA Sheeshpal, Duraj and others are there. Committee chairperson Seema Trikha interacted with girl students of BSC OT Technician. On the other hand, when I wanted to talk to the director of the medical college, Jagdish Dureja, he did not pick up the phone.

for justice will fight
The girl students said that they have complained about this matter several times, but till date no action has been taken. We have sent our complaint to the CM, but no action has been taken on that also. Now the complaint has been placed before the committee. We have been assured that they will definitely get justice. The girl students said that they will continue to fight their battle until they get justice.

formation of a committee to investigate
Congress MLA from Assandh Shamsher Singh Gogi told that we have taken cognizance in this matter. The OT trainer has been sent on leave for 3 weeks. A committee has been formed to investigate. The committee will submit its report in 11 days. He said that crores of rupees have been spent on the medical college, but the doctors are not complete in the medical college.

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