Traders Union — a reliable service for traders with a high cashback percentage

Traders Union is an independent organization, offering its members a number of benefits. The most important benefit is an opportunity to save on trading fees thanks to the cashback program.

While traders registered in the Union can reduce their spread costs, they also have access to quality analysis and infographics, professional legal and technical support.

Traders Union is the largest service for traders in 2022

Traders Union was established in 2010. The TU’s management established partnerships with brokerage companies that were prepared to pay the cashback. New names were regularly added to the list of brokers, and by 2022 the list features over 200 known companies.

Today, Traders Union works not only with Forex brokers, but also with stock and binary brokers, and cryptocurrency exchanges. All partner companies pay a part of trading fees their clients are charged with to Traders Union. In turn, Traders Union repays up to 100% of these funds to the members of the association.

A cashback is the simplest way to receive compensation for the broker’s trading fee. The number of traders interested in receiving compensation for the spread is growing continuously. The demand causes the supply to grow and therefore cashback services are gaining even more popularity. Traders Union is currently considered the largest one of them. The following facts serve as a proof of that:

  • Number of registered users – more than 300,000 traders.
  • Cashback payouts – over USD 10 million.

Traders Union has received over 10 awards by different publications that are considered financial market experts. The Instagram community is nearly 100,000 followers.

Pros of working with Traders Union

Cashback is the key benefit for the traders registered on the Traders Union. However, the members of the association have access to several other benefits:

  • Regularly updated broker and cryptocurrency exchange ratings.
  • Latest market analysis.
  • Multi-level referral program.
  • Free legal advice.
  • Professional online support.

Traders Union also regularly holds monthly contests on demo accounts for registered traders. The Top 10 winners are awarded real money that they can withdraw or use to trade.

Distinguishing features of cashback from Traders Union

A cashback is a compensation of a part of funds paid to the broker as a trading fee. It allows traders to save up to 90% on the spread.

Benefits of the TU’s cashback program:

  • unlimited validity period – the payouts are accrued throughout the entire time of trading activity (both active and passive);
  • regular accruals – every day or every month depending on the conditions of the offer;
  • daily withdrawals – requests for withdrawals are processed every business day, within 24 hours;
  • wide selection of payment methods – withdrawal is available to electronic wallets of popular payment systems or a trading account.

A trader can work not only with one, but with several brokers that are partners of Traders Union. Payments are available to new and existing clients of brokerage companies.

Traders Union website features a very user-friendly Profit Calculator. You can use it to calculate the approximate surcharges that are available during trading with a specific broker through TU.

Mechanism of working with a broker through Traders Union

The mechanism of actions for receiving a payments:

  1. Registration on the TU website using your email.
  2. Authorization through username, email, Facebook, or Google accounts.
  3. Selection of a reliable intermediary from among the partners of the association.
  4. Accessing the website of the chosen company from the Traders Union website.
  5. Opening a real brokerage account.
  6. Specifying the number of the created account in the user profile on Traders Union website.

After an employee of customer support of the association confirms that your account has been linked to Traders Union, you need to fund your account and start trading. Cashback will be accrued for all trades that you close.

How to choose a reliable broker with Traders Union

Traders Union website features the entire set of instruments for choosing a reliable broker. A trader can use:

  • Latest ratings. The analysts of the Union regularly monitor the conditions of the brokers and update the lists of recommended companies based on the obtained information.
  • Comparative tables. A user selects several brokers and the system compares them based on the set criteria. At that, various criteria are taken into account – minimum deposit, spread and leverage, number of available trading platforms, etc.

There is also a special test consisting of 7 questions on the Traders Union website. Upon analyzing the responses, the system recommends brokers that are most suitable for the user.

Traders Union is currently the largest association of traders that trade in various financial markets. This independent organization with years of experience not only provides powerful informational and legal support, but also allows its members to save on brokerage fees.

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