Top Men’s Personal Grooming Trends That Are Likely To Emerge In 2023

If 2022 was the year when everyone decided to come out, 2023 may be the year when the celebration becomes louder. So, despite China’s concern, there will be more travel, more vengeance tourism, and more people returning to the office.

All of this appears to be excellent news for those who make sure you look your best when you venture out. “2023 will be the year when men’s grooming becomes popular, and more men will use grooming products than ever before,” stated Rajat Tuli, co-founder of Ustraa in interaction with ABP Live. He also listed the top trends that he sees emerging:

  • Skincare Is Increasingly Popular: There has been a significant surge in men searching for remedies to specific skin care problems such as Acne, the benefits of Vitamin C serums, or even ways to Detaning. Men spend more time outside or in contaminated settings, therefore they must exercise extra caution. It’s encouraging to see men taking the extra step to improve themselves.
  • Beards Are Likely To Stay Popular: Beards will stay popular, particularly the closely cropped types sported by Virat Kohli and Leo Messi. While long beards are on their way out, well-trimmed beards are already acceptable in most jobs. Beard maintenance Oils and waxes will continue to be in high demand.
  • Quick-Action Product Craze: The new generation is obsessed with quick-action products. Like temporary hair colours, a lotion that instantly clears pimples in a couple of hours, or a hair spray that allows you to experiment with your hairstyle.
  • The Deo-Hegemony Is Almost Certain To Fade: Fine fragrances will gain popularity over deos. Men will seek colognes, EDTS, and perfumes to upgrade from Deos.

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The rise of male grooming influencers; We will witness the emergence of fresh influencers who will go on to establish themselves as leading voices of authority on men’s grooming.

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