Tomato Troubles To Chilli Chaos: Rs 400/kg Chilli To Make Your ‘Thali’ Expensive, Check Details Here – News18

Following the recent uproar caused by skyrocketing tomato prices nationwide, new reports have surfaced regarding a significant surge in the prices of chillies and ginger, reaching close to Rs 400 per kg in specific regions of India.

According to a report by TOIwhile green chilli prices remained at Rs 100 per kg in Chennai, prices of both green chillies and ginger soared to Rs 350 per kg in Kolkata. The increase was attributed to a significant decline in chilli arrivals, as stated by T Muthukumar, a trader at Koyambedu wholesale market.

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Over the past week, the quantity of green chillies plummeted to a mere 80 tonnes, while Chennai’s daily requirement stands at approximately 200 tonnes. The usual supply from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka couldn’t meet the demand due to the shortage, resulting in a surge in prices, the report said.

Farmers in Andhra Pradesh shifted to other crops after facing unfavourable prices for their chillies in the previous harvest. Consequently, the majority of green chillies available at the Koyambedu market are now sourced from Karnataka.

In addition to chillies and ginger, green peas also carry a hefty price tag, retailing at around Rs 280 per kg. However, the demand for green peas is relatively low, as many consumers can do without them.

Meanwhile, retail tomato prices have surged up to Rs 140 per kg in the Delhi-NCR region due to the supply disruption from the producing centres owing to rains.

Wholesale prices of tomato at Azadpur Mandi here, Asia’s largest wholesale fruits and vegetables market, were ruling in the range of Rs 60-120 per kg, depending on the quality on Monday.

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Mother Dairy’s Safal was selling tomatoes at Rs 99 per kg on Sunday. Online retailer Otipy was quoting tomato hybrid at Rs 140 per kg and BigBasket Rs 105-110 per kg on Monday.

“The increase in prices of tomato is due to tight supply from the key producing centres. Because of rainfall, the supply is disrupted,” Azadpur Tomato Association President Ashok Kaushik told news agency PTI.

The supply from neighbouring Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan got exhausted quickly due to rains. Now, Himachal Pradesh is the sole supplier for the Delhi-NCR region. The hilly state is also receiving heavy rains, impacting picking and transportation, he added.

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Traders are unable to get supply from the producing centres of Maharashtra and Karnataka, as prices out there are ruling high due to rains, he noted.

Once the rainfall situation improves in southern states in the next 15 days, the supply of tomato is expected to improve in the Delhi-NCR region, he said, adding that till then, the price will remain firm.

Tomato prices have shot up not only in Delhi-NCR but also in other parts of the country. The government has maintained that the price rise in tomatoes is a “seasonal” phenomenon. At this time, generally, the prices are high, and they will cool down in the next 15 days.

Amid the high prices, seeking to offset the soaring rates of tomatoes, the Tamil Nadu government on Tuesday launched the sale of the precious commodity at Rs 60 a kilo at 82 fair price shops in the city.