Tollywood Star Pawan Kalyan Recalls Battle With Depression

New Delhi: The upcoming episode of ‘Unstoppable 2 with NBK’ features Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan talking on his struggles with depression. The actor opened up to Nandamuri Balakrishna about a time in his youth when he felt suicidal.

“My struggles with depression were overwhelming, but I fought through it,” says Pawan Kalyan in the upcoming episode.

“I have asthma and felt isolated due to frequent hospitalisation. Therefore, I’m not much of a social person. At 17, the pressure of exams only added to my depression, and I remember planning to take my own life using the licensed revolver of my eldest brother (Chiranjeevi) when he was not in the house,” Pawan Kalyan recalled.

His older brother (Nagababu) and sister-in-law (Surekha) saved him in the nick of time through quick action.

“My brother (Chiranjeevi) told me, ‘Just live for me. If you don’t do anything, that’s fine. But please live.’ From then on, I taught myself and found solace in reading books, practising Carnatic music, martial arts, and other pursuits,” Pawan Kalyan said.

When talking about failing his intermediate exams and having suicidal thoughts, Pawan Kalyan already dropped a hint about this. He had discussed this in 2019 after realising a huge number of Telangana students who had failed their examinations had died by suicide. Several times over his career, Pawan Kalyan has expressed his thoughts about taking his own life.

Continuing his candid conversation, the actor said, “Don’t compare yourself to others. Compete only with yourself.”

“Knowledge and success come with hard work, and what we endure today will shape our tomorrow. Be the best version of yourself,” he added.

Meanwhile, the much-awaited finale of ‘Unstoppable 2 with NBK’ is scheduled to premiere on the Telugu OTT platform aha on February 10. With the most app downloads in the first five minutes of its release, the opening segment of the show had sort of broken a record.