Today 10 people will rise together in Tikoi: Chunni Lal, who is alive, said – wife-daughter, sister-in-law-niece drowned in front of their eyes; i couldn’t do anything

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  • Chunni Lal, Who Was Alive, Said Wife daughter, Sister in law And Niece Drowned In Front Of Their Eyes; I Couldn’t Do Anything

Lucknow8 minutes agoWriters: Devanshu Tiwari / Rajesh Sahu

Crying was coming from all sides in the emergency ward of Itaunja Community Health Center (CHC) in Lucknow. This voice belonged to those who survived the accident. But their sobs were expressing the grief of their loved ones’ departure.

Dainik Bhaskar’s team spoke to the people in the hospital who were sitting in that trolley and saw their people dying in front of their eyes.

Mother and sister drowned in front of Arpit
10-year-old Arpit was sitting with his younger brother Ashutosh and father Chunilal on a bed in the emergency ward. Both Arpit’s mother and sister have died in this accident. We asked Arpit about the accident. Arpit said, “Ashutosh and I were sitting at the back of the trolley. Mummy and Ayushi were sitting on the front side of the trolley. A truck from behind overturned hitting the tractor-trolley. The trolley overturned.”

Arpit is on the right side, Ashutosh is on the left. The younger brother Ashutosh was drowning, when Arpit saved him.

Arpit further said, “We spilled and fell into the pond. My brother next to me started drowning in the water. I grabbed his hand and pulled him out. But mother and sister were nowhere to be seen. She was probably buried under the trolley. Because no one could hear his voice.” After telling this, Arpit calmed down.

  • Tears could not stop in Chunni Lal’s eyes due to the death of wife, daughter, sister-in-law and niece. Neighbor Santosh standing next to him was wiping his tears.

Went to wish for a long life, it is no longer the same
Chunni Lal, who had lost four people, was not in a condition to speak. That’s why we didn’t even ask him any questions. After sometime he says in a hushed voice, “Komal was going to the Unai Devi temple for the first time to pray for her long life. But now she herself has left everyone.” After being silent for a while, he says, “If there had been even a slight suspicion of an accident, Komal would not have been allowed to go.” Saying this, Chunni starts crying again.

This is a visual immediately after the incident.  5 people died on the spot.

This is a visual immediately after the incident. 5 people died on the spot.

Chunni Lal’s brother Ram Ratan’s wife Sushma and daughter Ruchi also lost their lives in this accident. Ram Ratan is in shock after this incident. He is not saying anything.

  • Even we got to know the story of a family. Next we know about the mother who saved the life of her two-year-old girl by drowning herself.

Jerk the daughter off her feet and drown herself
Pushpa was sitting on the corner bed in the emergency ward. The water of the pond had gone into the stomach, so she was vomiting again and again. It was a bit normal, so we asked him about the incident. Pushpa said, “We were going singing the song of Mother Goddess. Then suddenly there was a loud bang. The daughter playing on the lap and I fell into the pond. The daughter and I started drowning. Suddenly I hit the daughter loudly with her feet. Shocked. The daughter fell on the wheel of a tractor-trolley that was half submerged. I once went under water, then came up… then went down. I can’t remember anything after that.”

Pushpa said, I somehow threw the daughter out by putting my feet.

Pushpa said, I somehow threw the daughter out by putting my feet.


  • We also spoke to Kamala, Urmila and Sushma who survived the accident. Everyone used to say that if the villagers had not come on time, we would have all drowned in the pond and died. After this we talked to Zehruddin of the village itself.

Zehruddin came first and jumped into the deep water.
When the accident happened in Gaddipurwa, everyone was busy with their work. Suddenly there was a loud sound, then the whole village ran towards the pond. Zehruddin first reached near the pond and jumped into the water. Took out the drowning people. First the children were taken out then the women.

Zehruddin's house was just 100 meters away from the spot.  He first reached near the pond.

Zehruddin’s house was just 100 meters away from the spot. He first reached near the pond.

Zehruddin said, “We took out about 20 people alive. When the remaining 5 people were rescued, their breathing had stopped. After some time the police and SDRF team came. By then almost all the people had been taken out by us.

There is an uncomfortable silence in Tikoi village today. Sadness is such that last night even the stove did not burn in any house in the entire village. When it was morning, the eyes of every person in the village were moist. Today in Tikoi 10 earths will rise together.

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