To Locals’ Delight, Migratory Birds Flock to Nirmal in Telangana

Migratory birds have always been a subject of particular fascination for ornithologists and lay bird-watchers. Recently, a variety of migratory birds flew into the forest area of Nirmal, Telangana, and added to the beauty of the woods. The entire forest area around the Udhampur range is now overrun with these beauties, and their constant chirping is a source of joy to the locals.

Some of the birds who have flown into the forest are wood sandpiper, grey horn, black-necked stork, Oriental darter, Kingfisher, Asian Openbill Stork, Western swamphen, Indian grey horn, etc. Many of these are water birds and they are seen laying eggs and breeding during their migratory period, especially local migrants such as the Asian openbill stork, which typically migrate within the country.

These birds, most of which have flown in from Europe, only used to come into the waters of the Manjira and Usman Sagar areas. However, this year they have flown into the forest in the Nirmal area.

The area around the Udhampur ranges in the Nirmal district boast dense forestation, with lots of wildlife. The area has a lot of ditches, creeks and bends, which serve as great picnic spots. Tourists have a gala time visiting the picturesque spot, especially in the winter and spring seasons. Migratory birds which fly into the forest serve as an added attraction to bird-lovers.

Many of these birds fly in from Russia, especially Siberia. These birds stay here for a short while until warm weather returns to the places they originally belong to. Once winter passes, they fly back to their native areas. They are extremely beautiful to look at, with their colourful plumage and brightly-coloured beaks.

Pictures of the birds were recently captured on a camera by Koteshwar Rao, who is currently serving as the FDO of Khanapur.

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