This 6’9” tall woman from Texas holds world record for largest shoe size | WATCH

Image Source : @GWR Tanya Herbert, new record holder for the world’s largest feet.

Texas: Meet Tanya Herbert, who has become the new record holder for the world’s largest feet size ever in a female.

Tanya Herbert (USA) has the world’s largest feet on a living person (female) with a right foot measuring 33.1 cm (13.03 in) and a left foot measuring 32.5 cm (12.79 in).

Not just the feet size, Tanya Herbert is also tall like a tree with her height measuring 6’9”, and has always been taller than her peers in school and just 3 inches shorter than the tallest woman living, Turkiye’s Rumeysa Gelgi, who is 7’0.7” tall.

Having the largest feet size has its own share of problems as Tanya always struggled to find a right pair of shoes.

Going to the store was never an option for her as even the largest shoe size in men section used to end at 16. The only place where Tanya could find shoe were online stores but even then she had to go for men shoes.

“Growing up I was always the tallest around. My mom was 6 ft 5 in and my dad is 6 ft 4 in so I had no choice but to be tall,” shared Tanya.

“My parents gave me a very healthy self-esteem growing up so I didn’t think of being tall as a bad thing.”

“I never remember getting bullied or anything like that for my height. My friends actually took great care of me to make sure I was loved and liked.”

Tanya recalls that the only people who didn’t like her growing up were sport coaches, due to her complete disinterest in any sport!

However, with the advance of social media, Tanya was able to find more people around the world facing the same problem which helped them connect and find solutions.

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