The son left the family on ‘Agneepath’: the youth who committed suicide in Rohtak talked to the family a day ago, the father said – it was his passion to join the army

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The family of a youth who committed suicide in protest against the new recruitment scheme ‘Agneepath’ in the Indian Army holds the government responsible for the death of their son. Sachin of Lijwana Kalan village of Jind, who had been preparing for army recruitment for two years as a paying guest (PG) in Rohtak, Haryana, had talked to his father Satyapal a few hours before the suicide.

Satyapal, who arrived at Rohtak PGI to collect his body after receiving the news of his 22-year-old son’s suicide, is sorry that he could not understand his mind in conversation with the son. He can’t believe that last evening his conversation with Sachin was the last and now his son will never come back.

4 villages will jam Rohtak road tomorrow

According to Satyapal, when he spoke to Sachin last evening, he asked him whether you do not need anything? In response he said that everything is there. After this he asked the son to prepare well for recruitment. After that the phone got disconnected.

Satyapal, retired from the army, said in a regretful tone that if there was even the slightest feeling of the son’s trouble or despair in the conversation, I would have run from the village 35 km away to reach him in Rohtak. Never let him commit suicide.

Looking at the sky with tearful eyes, Satyapal said, ‘Sachin was small, so he was loved by all. Like his son, he also had a dream that his blood should join the army like him and serve the country.

Meanwhile, people of Lijwana Kalan and four surrounding villages, hurt by Sachin’s death, have threatened to block the Jind-Rohtak road on Saturday. The children of these four villages prepare for recruitment in the army at the stadium in the village of Lijwana Kalan.

After Sachin's death, villagers gathered at his house in Lijwana.

After Sachin’s death, villagers gathered at his house in Lijwana.

The family had high hopes from Sachin

Satyapal of Lijwana Kalan, a historical village of Jind, told that he himself has served the country by staying in the army. He has four daughters and two sons. Sachin was the youngest. His four sisters and elder brother Mangat are married. Mangat is unemployed. Only Sachin was unmarried in the family. He was preparing for army recruitment by staying in Rohtak for two years to fulfill his and his family’s dream. The family also had high hopes from Sachin. Along with serving the country, he wanted to join the army to run the family expenses.

had a passion to join the army

Sachin had completed physical and medical tests in the Army’s ‘Relationship Recruitment’ held in Goa two years ago. Now only the written paper was left. Due to Corona and other reasons, the date of the paper kept moving forward several times in 2 years. Joining the army had become his passion.

For the written paper, Sachin was taking coaching by staying in Rohtak for two years. Sachin’s elder sister Poonam says that she tried to explain many times but Sachin’s mind was only haunted by the ghost of joining the army. He was not ready to take up any other job or work.

Taking information from the DSP police personnel who reached PGI

Taking information from the DSP police personnel who reached PGI

shared the pain of Agneepath with sister

Sachin, who was preparing for army recruitment as a paying guest in Rohtak, was disillusioned with the Agripath plan brought for recruitment in the army. On Wednesday itself, he had called his father Satyapal that he would come to the village soon. After the new scheme of the central government came, Sachin had also called his elder sister Poonam, who was married in Kharkramji. In a conversation with his sister, he had said that now he might not be able to fulfill his dream. According to Poonam, she had asked Sachin to keep up his spirits in a phone conversation but he would commit suicide, it was not realized.

Friend’s birthday party at night

The family told that Wednesday was the birthday of Sachin’s friend. He also went to her birthday party and returned late at night. Even in the party, he could not mingle much with friends. Sachin’s roommate Rupesh told that Sachin was of a very decent nature and used to mix with everyone. On Wednesday evening he told that he is going to the birthday party and on his return he will have some companions so you sleep in other rooms. When Sachin returned late at night, those people were asleep. They raised their voice on Thursday morning but when the door did not open, they broke the gate. Inside, Sachin’s body was swinging on the noose.

was troubled for three or four days

The youths who took coaching while staying with Sachin in the paying guest told his family that Sachin was upset for three-four days. However, he did not let his family know about his problem. He was upset because of the lack of army recruitment exam and the new scheme. He had mentioned his problem in front of friends but did not tell anything openly. That’s why even friends did not realize that Sachin could take a step like suicide.

Father gave message to youth

Sachin’s father and ex-serviceman Satyapal said that in any kind of situation the youth need to be patient. The youth should not take any such step keeping in view the interests of their family, which may cause problems to their family. Satyapal said that perhaps his son’s time had come.

Despair among the youth of 4 villages

Sachin used to prepare for army recruitment in the stadium of his village Lijwana Kalan. Apart from Lijwana Kalan, youth from nearby Akalgarh, Mehrada and Fatehgarh also come to this stadium. All these youth work hard for recruitment in army and police. Disappointed by Sachin’s death, these youths said that this incident happened due to the wrong policy of the government. On Saturday, youths from all the four villages will reach Julana and block the Jind-Rohtak road.

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