The Script Of Salaar 2 Is Ready And We Will Start The Film Any Time: Producer Vijay Kiragandur

New Delhi: Salaar: Part 1: Ceasefire has indeed created a storm with its arrival. Well-packed with action and drama, the film has created examples of success at the box office and has crossed the milestone of 500 Cr. worldwide. While the audience enjoyed the action entertainer on the big screen, they were left with anticipation of  Salaar 2 at the end of the film. Producer Vijay Kiragandur from Hombale Films has confirmed that the Salaar Sequel will hit the big screen by the end of 2025.

In a recent interview, producer Vijay Kiragandur was seen speaking about Salaar 2. He said, “The script of Salaar 2 is ready and we will start the film any time. Prabhas wants to take it on floors as soon as possible and even Prashanth wants to do it. We have been speaking about Salaar 2 and our discussion in the last 2 to 3 days was to make the film in the next 15 months. We will definitely release Salaar 2 in 2025, which is about 18 months from now,”

“Salaar is a celebration for Prabhas fans across the globe. We are more than satisfied with the numbers and reactions. Yes, there are some negatives but no one has complained regarding the making, scale, and drama. People got to see Prabhas as an angry young man for the first time in 20 years,” he shared, adding further, “Prabhas is also in complete celebration mode and is asking about the schedule of part two. He is very happy with the film and wants to start Salaar 2 soon.” he further added. 

Further, the producer promises an even bigger cinematic experience with Salaar 2, he said, “Salaar 1 is just a glimpse of part two. You can treat it as a trailer and part two will be a lot bigger in terms of action and scale. Prashanth introduced all the characters in the first part and now, Salaar 2 will be like Game of Thrones with a lot of drama, politics, and action. The cliffhanger you have seen now – there will be many more in the sequel.”

Interestingly, Salaar 2 will be the story of the impact of the political scenario in Khansaar due to two of the best friends – Prabhas and Prithviraj, who will be turning biggest enemies.