The officer sank in the middle of the burning coal, crashing into the coal mine

Then the coal mine was burning. ECL officer Ajay Mukherjee visited him. While trying to put out the fire, he himself collapsed and sank into the mine. The accident took place at Kenda Coal Mine No. 2 in Kenda Area of ​​ECL in West Burdwan. The rescue squad wasn’t called for him.

Usually, if someone sinks in a mine, he has no chance of survival. At the end of the year, the incident caused a great stir. The rescue squad wasn’t called for him. This sunken Ajay Mukherjee is the senior overman of Kenda Coal Mine. He went to put out the fire. But that’s where this tragic accident happened.

According to ECL sources, a few days ago, black smoke was seen erupting in the Kenda No. 2 coal mine area. Even the light of the fire comes out. ECL is trying to extinguish that fire. That is what Overman Ajay Mukherjee visited. But when the landslide came down, he sank there.

It is learned that he visited the place on Friday afternoon. Everyone knows that Ajay Mukherjee, a senior overman of Kenda Coal Mine, is a very skilled officer in this regard. But no one could have imagined that such an accident would happen then. The incident has caused panic among the miners. Local MLA Hareram Singh was present on the spot.