The dead body of the whole family was found in the room in Rohtak: Husband fed sleeping pills to wife and son-daughter, slit throat with knife while sleeping, committed suicide

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  • Rohtak News; 4 Family Members Died In Rohtak, Throats Of 2 Children And Wife Were Cut With A Sharp Edge, Alcohol And Injection Were Found Near The Doctor

Rohtak25 minutes ago

In Haryana’s Rohtak, a sensational revelation has come to light in the matter of finding the dead body of the entire family in a room on Tuesday evening. Initial investigation revealed that the deceased doctor had killed his wife and son-daughter by slitting their throats with a knife. After this he himself also committed suicide.

DSP Ravindra Kumar told that a suicide note has also been found at the spot. In which the deceased Vinod wrote that he is a victim of depression and has been troubled for a long time. Because of which he is committing suicide along with his wife and children.

Police have also found sleeping pills from the spot. It is suspected that he first gave sleeping pills to his wife and children. Then brutally cut his throat while sleeping. How Vinod died? It is not known yet. Police have recovered liquor bottle and injection from near him.

Police investigating the incident after reaching the house.

Woman-son’s dead body found on bed, daughter’s cot and husband’s sofa
As soon as the incident was known, the police team immediately reached the spot. ​​​​​​The deceased were identified as 35-year-old Vinod, his wife Soni, 7-year-old daughter Yuvika and 5-year-old son Ansh, residents of Barsi Nagar.

Going into the room, it was seen that the dead bodies of the woman and the son were lying on the bed. The dead body of the daughter was lying on the cot next to it. Whereas husband Vinod’s dead body was lying on the sofa kept in the room. The throats of both the children and the wife have been brutally slit with a sharp weapon.

Brother first saw the dead body
The incident came to light when Vinod’s younger brother Vikram came home. Vikram opened the house and saw that the whole family was lying dead. He was stunned to see everyone’s dead bodies together. Vikram informed the matter to the police. The police team also reached the spot after getting the information.

bloodied knife found at the scene
FSL team was also called on the spot. At the same time, in the police investigation, a knife has also been found at the scene, which had traces of blood on it. The blood was also coagulated, seeing which it seemed that he had died a long time ago. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the police is also engaged in the investigation.

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