Telangana: KCR’s Questions To PM Modi Put Up On Hoarding Near Parade Ground In Hyderabad

New Delhi: The questions of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been put up on a hoarding at Diamond Point Road near Parade Ground in Hyderabad. The hoarding, carrying six points raised by KCR, blaming the Central government on several issues, has been put up with a hashtag seeking answers from the Prime Minister.

The points highlighted in the poster accuse PM Modi of “taking away the lives of many farmers” during the protests against the three farm laws, “killing the dreams of youth with contract jobs”, “privatizing PSUs and shattering many lives”, “PM campaigning for Donald Trump”, and “letting the migrant workers die on road by announcing sudden lockdown.”

Notably, CM KCR, at the meet-and-greet event of joint opposition presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha on Saturday, took a dig at PM Modi and accused the Centre of “killing democracy”.

“What the Modi administration is doing is successfully killing democracy every day, throttling the federal system of India…toppling governments which do not toe their line. One Union minister said that like Maharashtra, they will pull down the Telangana government…we are ready. If our government falls, we will be free to bring down the BJP government at the Centre. For 60 years, Telangana society has fought for a separate state and we are prepared for another struggle,” a report by The Indian Express quoted CM KCR as saying.

“The PM and BJP leaders have vilified the farmers, even calling them Khalistanis and terrorists. Eventually, you had to bow down to the farmers. Seven hundred farmers died during the agitation but you did not express any sadness or mercy for them,” KCR said.

Talking about the PM’s decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic, KCR said, “It was the biggest calamity since Independence and the PM failed to handle it. Lakhs of people died unnecessarily. Lakhs and crores of people had to walk on the roads. The Centre declined to give trains for free. Modi swears by river Ganga but instead of people immersing the ashes, bodies of Covid victims were pushed into rivers.”

“Under Modi’ rule, the country’s image has been tarnished and constitutional bodies have been misused. Farmers, soldiers, employees and the unemployed are suffering in the country,” the Telangana CM further added.

Meanwhile, the BJP reportedly vandalised hoardings put up by the ruling TRS highlighting the achievements of CM KCR and the Telangana government in Hyderabad on Friday, just a day before the BJP leaders arrived to take part in the party’s two-day national executive meeting.