Taliban supreme leader asks officials to respect amnesty – Bhaskar Live English News

New Delhi, Dec 30 | The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has directed government officials to respect the general amnesty announced by him, Pajhwok News reported.

The Afghans needed to live in unity and brotherhood, Haibatullah Akhund told officials at a meeting, the governor’s house in southern Kandahar province on Thursday.

Mohammad Naeem, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office, also shared Akhund’s directives on his Twitter account.

The statement said the meeting was attended by Kandahar Governor Haji Mohammad Yousuf Wafa, Deputy Governor Maulvi Hayatullah Mubarak and police chief Mullah Abdul Ghaffar, as well as provincial directors, district governors and police chiefs.

The Taliban supreme leader said their struggle was for the enforcement of the Islamic system in the country and that they had to work hard for improved governance and providing better livelihoods for the people

He urged civil and military officials to respect the general amnesty announced by him and not to punish former government servants for their past crimes.

If the Afghans were not respected in foreign countries, they should not leave their homeland, he remarked, asking officials to convince the people to stay in Afghanistan, the report said.

Akhund also made recommendations regarding duties and responsibilities and compliance with orders. He said that no one should ask for a responsibility. But if a person was handed a responsibility, he should follow directions from leaders and discharge that responsibility properly.

“Strictly follow the principles, rules and regulations given by the leadership. Don’t act arbitrarily, discharge your responsibility so you would be confident in your community,” he said.

The Taliban chief underlined the need to focus on justice, saying it was important for all parties to work together for the betterment of the people, the report said.

Jobs should not be given to people based on friendship, nepotism and favouritism, he cautioned, insisting on upholding merit.

About security, Maulvi Akhund called on the officials concerned to treat people well during patrols and search operations.

The Taliban chief’s recommendations come as some former officials have been harassed in violation of the amnesty announced for them.

Source: IANS