Supreme Court said- Courts should avoid patriarchal remarks: CJI said- Only boy will be the support of parents in old age, do not spread this notion


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Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud made important comments on Tuesday during the review of the death sentence verdict. Quoting lines from the Supreme Court’s review, he said courts should avoid patriarchal or patriarchal remarks.

The CJI said, ‘The son runs the dynasty, he will be the support of the parents in old age, such comments should be avoided.’ A bench headed by CJI Justice Hima Kohli and Justice PS Narasimha was hearing the review petition of the death sentence awarded to a man convicted of kidnapping and murder of a 7-year-old boy in Chennai. During this, CJI Chandrachud referred to the previous hearing of the Supreme Court.

Previous observations of the Supreme Court, on which the CJI consulted
The Supreme Court had said in the last review, ‘The killing of the only boy for any purpose has a very serious impact on the parents. It is a great torment for the parents who have lost their only child. The child who would carry on their lineage and take care of them in their old age. This murder is a huge calamity on the victims.

CJI read the comment of Supreme Court and then put his view
When the CJI reviewed the matter on Tuesday, he saw the previous comment of the Supreme Court. He said, ‘Killing a child is a very cruel act in itself. In such a situation, the issue before the court cannot be whether the minor child is a boy or a girl. Murder in itself is a great sorrow. In such a situation, the court should not say that he was a boy and started the dynasty or took care of the parents in their old age. Such comments unwittingly add a patriarchal and patriarchal perspective to the decisions. One should stay away from them.

death sentence commuted to life imprisonment
The matter is of 2009. Convict Sundararajan had kidnapped the child on her way to school. He had told the child that his mother and grandmother were not well and he had to accompany her to the hospital. The child was the only one. His parents could not pay the ransom to release the child. The convict had admitted in the court that when the ransom was not received, he had strangled the child, tied his body in a gunny bag and threw it in a water tank.

Sundararajan was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court in February 2013. However, after 5 years in November 2018, the court had agreed to review its decision of death sentence. After this the death sentence was commuted to 20 years imprisonment.

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