Sunil Jakhar’s troubles increased in Congress: Opposition to comment on former CM Channi intensified; Former minister Aruna Chaudhary demanded action

ChandigarhOne hour ago

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Sunil Jakhar, who has so far targeted others, has himself been surrounded.

In Punjab, the troubles of former Congress chief Sunil Jakhar have increased. After his controversial statement on former CM Charanjit Channi, his opposition within the Congress has intensified. Former minister Aruna Chaudhary has also termed it as objectionable. He said that the Congress High Command should take action by issuing some guidelines in this regard.

Earlier, former minister Rajkumar Verka and former Bhoa MLA Joginderpal have expressed their opposition. He has demanded the expulsion of Jakhar from the Congress. Channi himself also said that Jakhar’s mindset is anti-poor. He made himself a leader bigger than the votes of the Dalit community and today is thinking wrongly towards him.

Jakhar surrounded by this statement
Sunil Jakhar, in an interview to a TV channel, had said about the disgruntled G-23 of the Congress that he was trying to blackmail and put pressure on the high command. There are many among them, who do not have any ground existence and they remain the Choudhary of Rajya Sabha. There are some leaders who themselves say that their bag was small but the high command gave more than that. In this, Jakhar further said that such leaders should not be placed on their heads. Due to this, there was an uproar in the Congress that he said objectionable thing to former CM Channi.

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Sunil Jakhar has given clarification on this issue. He says that he did not comment towards any community. He had said only about those leaders who were putting pressure on the Congress high command. Jakhar had also said that he cannot even think of insulting the SC society. He apologizes if his words hurt anyone’s sentiments.

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