‘Stability Can Be Attained By Ending Occupation’: Palestine Blames Israel For Hamas Attacks

As tensions flare up between Israel and Hamas following the Saturday attack by the latter from the Gaza Strip, Palestine has blamed Tel Aviv for the “explosive situation” saying it is a consequence of “blocking political horizon” and “failing Palestinian people to establish their own state.” On Saturday, Hamas launched over 5,000 rockets towards central and southern Israel and rampaged through several towns killing at least 250 Israelis in one of the deadliest attacks in 50 years since the Yom Kippur war. 

“We have repeatedly warned against the consequences of blocking the political horizon and failing to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their legitimate right to self-determination and establish long their own state,” said Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Saturday. 

“We have also warned against the consequences of daily provocations and attacks including the continued settlers’ and occupation forces terrorism, as well as the raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Christian and Islamic holy sites,” it added. 

The ministry said that the security, stability, and peace in the area — which has been a flashpoint of violence for the last several decades — can be attained by “ending the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital” and “recognising the people’s right to independence and sovereignty.” 

Over 230 Gazans have also been killed in the Saturday violence after Israel retaliated to the attacks. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia called for an immediate halt to the ongoing escalations and also recalled its “repeated warnings” of the dangers of the explosion of the situation due to continued occupation.

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In a statement, Riyadh said it was closely following the developments of the “unprecedented situation between a number of Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation forces, which has resulted in a high level of violence on several fronts there.”

Qatar held Israel “solely responsible” for the tensions and called upon the international community “to act urgently to compel Israel to stop its flagrant violations of international law.”