Splitsvilla X4: Sakshi Dwivedi Opens Up On Her Recent Fight With Sunny Leone

New Delhi:splitsvilla X4′ contestant and social media star Sakshi Dwivedi opened up about her recent fight with show’s host Sunny Leone in which the latter got furious and asked Sakshi to take her place.

Sunny held Sakshi’s hand and dragged the contestant forcing her to take her place.

Sakshi got candid about the incident and told IANS: “We all were in the dumping zone and there was a fight between two contestants. Everybody was speaking up and trying to prove their point. I was one of those contestants who was trying to put my point across and I was just saying something, and, in the flow, I didn’t hear that she said something. Though my point was not complete, I interrupted her and said sorry about it. Unfortunately, Sunny got really furious and she just crossed the line.”

She added: “Sunny is beautiful, but just from outside. If I get a chance to host a show, I will never disrespect other people by getting physical and by using foul language. Even in the Bigg Boss house, getting physical is not allowed. I don’t know how ‘splitsvilla‘ is allowing this.”

Sakshi continued to say that Sunny’s behaviour was completely inappropriate and rude.

“It was very embarrassing for me. Maybe I should have not interrupted her but what she did was beyond acceptable. She dragged me and told me to stand at her place and she came to my place and stood in the dumping zone. Her behaviour was very rude and it wasn’t a language that anyone would want to hear.”

“People are reacting very strongly and they are slamming Sunny. They are supporting me which is so good. There are still people who respect other people and nobody gives a right to a host to disrespect somebody like this and drag them. This is just like taking undue advantage of your position,” she concluded.