Spice It Up! 6 Effective Tips to Regain Your Sexual Confidence

Being confident in bed can make sex more enjoyable for partners. When you actively participate and take charge, it encourages your partner do to the same.

But many times people tend to lack sexual confidence. This could be attributed to several reasons. It could be that you do not like the way you look. Traumatic relationships from the past could also be the reason. General insecurity, self-consciousness and emotional trauma could also lead to shattered sexual confidence.

Here are five simple and effective tips which could help you regain your sexual confidence.

Talk To Your Partner

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Talk to your partner and discuss how you feel and what you think could be the cause of it. A loving partner will surely understand your situation and will also help boost your confidence. If they are not too compassionate, they are surely not good enough for you.

Know Yourself Deeper

It is extremely important to be self-aware and this applies to the situation here as well. Look within yourself to find out the reasons for the lack of confidence. Spend a little alone time and know yourself on an intimate level. With this introspection, you might make some discoveries important to your sexual life.

Be Present In The Moment

Your mind should not be wandering about the issues from your personal or professional life while you are making love. Try to be more present at the moment and enjoy the process. A disturbed mind also affects our physical health.

Get Rid Of Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma from your past relationships, childhood or from any tragic event in your life can also impact your performance. It is advisable to let go of it since it not only affects your mind but your physical and sexual health too. You can also consider visiting a therapist to help you with the same.

Spice It Up

Sex can get boring after a while if you only go for the vanilla way/style. You can spice it up in different ways like fulfilling fantasies, using sex toys, indulging in role-play, and more. Discuss your interests with your partner and explore new realms of the sexual world. This will also boost your excitement level.

Hit The Gym

Finally, if you do not feel confident in your own body, you should do something about it. You can start going to a gym or start working out at your home itself. This is recommended to not only change the way your body looks but to also keep you safe from health issues.

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