Soren said – 1000 crore scam is not possible: such action of summons is going on, as if I am about to leave the country; Chief Minister reached ED office

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The ED is going to interrogate Chief Minister Hemant Soren today in the illegal mining case. Before the ED’s inquiry, Soren surrounded the ED, the Central Government and the Governor. Soren has denied the allegations leveled against him. He said that such summons are being sent. Like I’m about to leave the country. Soren has accused the Center of conspiring to topple the government. Surrounding the governor, he said that he was supporting the conspirators.

Questions raised on the silence of the Governor

The Chief Minister also questioned the silence of Governor Ramesh Bais in the whole matter. He said that the Governor is still silent on the letter sent by the Election Commission. No information was given about it even after speaking several times. I get to know from the media that they have sought a second opinion on this. The CM has accused the governor of giving protection to those conspiring against the government.

Such a big scam beyond comprehension

Soren said that I have been called in the case of illegal mining. The talk of 1000 crore scam is coming, it doesn’t seem possible from anywhere. There has been a mention of a scam of 1000 crores, how it became the basis is beyond understanding. There is a need to think how much mining will be done for such a big scam. This allegation is not possible from anywhere. The agency should have complete detailed information.

Soren accused the Center of conspiring to topple the government.

Soren accused the Center of conspiring to topple the government.

trying to destabilize the government

CM said that such process of summons is going on, as if I am about to leave the country. Hemant Soren said that all this is an attempt to destabilize the government. The governor has not opened the envelope sent by the Election Commission till date. The governor is giving protection to those trying to topple the government.

Soren said that the houses of the MLAs are being raided to intimidate them.

Soren said that the houses of the MLAs are being raided to intimidate them.

There will be raids at the houses of MLAs

Accusing the conspiracy to topple the government, CM Soren said that in the coming days the houses of some ruling MLAs would be raided. I have come to know about it. Investigating agencies are being used to harass us. Since the formation of the government, a conspiracy is being hatched to topple it.

List of more than 100 questions ready

Here the ED has prepared a list of questions. Hemant Soren has left for ED office. Security has been increased in the ED office regarding the inquiry. Senior ED officials from Patna and Delhi offices have reached Ranchi for questioning the Chief Minister. Along with this, security has also been tightened in Raj Bhavan and BJP office.

The ED has also completed its preparations regarding what kind of questions will be asked to the Chief Minister. If sources are to be believed, ED has prepared a list of more than 100 questions. In these questions, the case of illegal mining of 1000 crores in the area of ​​Santal Pargana, questions related to money laundering, questions related to the documents found from the house of Pankaj Mishra, the MLA representative of Barhait assembly constituency, the facts that came to light during the interrogation of Pankaj Mishra. There are many questions including questions related to him, as well as questions related to the arrest of many people related to the Chief Minister.

Here section 144 has been imposed from Hinoo Chowk to Hotel Green Acres. Strict security arrangements have been made.

ED has sent summons for the second time and called Chief Minister Hemant Soren for questioning. The ED had earlier called for questioning on November 3 but Hemant Soren sought time citing his busy schedule. After this, the ED had given the time today i.e. 17th November.

Security has been beefed up outside the ED office.

Security has been beefed up outside the ED office.

Questioning of CM in illegal mining and money laundering case
Hemant Soren is accused of being linked to illegal mining and money laundering. On July 8, the ED raided the house of Pankaj Mishra, a close aide of Hemant Soren. From here the agency got Hemant Soren’s bank passbook, two signed checks and check book. While filing the charge sheet in September, the ED had said that in the investigation it had found evidence of embezzlement of more than Rs 1,000 crore in illegal mining.

So far ED has seized Rs 5.34 crore in cash. Bank deposits of Rs 13.32 crore have been frozen. Not only this, a ship worth Rs 30 crore has also been seized. It is said that this ship was used to carry stones extracted from illegal mining. The ED has written in its charge sheet that Pankaj Mishra was involved in illegal mining and misappropriated crores of rupees on the instructions of Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Along with Pankaj Mishra, Bachchu Yadav and Prem Prakash have also been arrested in this case.

rally of jmm workers

The gathering of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha workers started at Morhabadi Maidan in Ranchi from last evening itself for the appearance of Chief Minister Hemant Soren before the ED. Earlier, when the ED had called CM Hemant Soren for questioning on November 3, at that time also a group of workers had reached the CM’s residence. CM Hemant Soren had given an open challenge while addressing the workers at that time, saying that if you have guts, let the ED arrest me.

Regarding the gathering of party workers, party spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Mahua Maji said – JMM workers from all over the state are reaching Morhabadi Maidan. Everyone wants to express their gratitude to the CM regarding the Khatian of 1932 and OBC reservation.

ED will interrogate Jharkhand CM tomorrow: Hemant Soren said – I will throw out those who come from outside and do politics here

Political upheaval has again intensified in Jharkhand. ED has called Chief Minister Hemant Soren for questioning yesterday in the illegal mining case. Before this, a meeting of UPA MLAs has been called in Ranchi. All the MLAs have been instructed to stay in Ranchi only. Earlier, CM Hemant Soren said that you have to decide whether the state will be ruled by the conspirators or by the tribals here. These people are trying to oust us from power, they know that if I stay here for 5 years, I will strengthen the tribals. Those who come from outside and do politics here, I will throw them out. Click to read full news.

Illegal mining in Jharkhand with a ship worth 30 crores: Black business of Pankaj, close to CM Soren; 36 crores were also found from different accounts

In the action of Central Investigation Agency ED in Jharkhand tender scam case, there has been a big disclosure on Thursday. A ship, which was used in illegal mining, has been recovered from Pankaj Mishra, close to Chief Minister Hemant Soren and his MLA representative. Its cost is said to be around Rs 30 crore. According to the ED, an amount of more than Rs 36 crore has been found in the bank accounts of Mishra’s close friends. The ED has also seized an inland vessel- MV Infra Link-111. The probe agency had arrested Pankaj Mishra on July 20. Click to read full news.

Two AK-47s found in ED raid in Jharkhand: were kept in vault at CM Hemant Soren’s close home, two policemen suspended

The ED raided 16 locations on Wednesday in Jharkhand’s mining scam. Prem Prakash, close to CM Hemant Soren, was raided at his Ranchi based hideouts. 2 AK-47 rifles were recovered from Prem Prakash’s house vault. 60 cartridges were also found. Its pictures have come to the fore. Ranchi’s Argora police station in-charge Vinod Kumar claims that both the AK-47 and the cartridges belong to the district police personnel. Two policemen were suspended late in the evening. Click to read full news.

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