Smartphones Are Heating Up This Summer And It Is A Big Worry: Here’s What You Should Do And Avoid – News18

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Smartphones are heating up like crazy but follow these tips to keep it safe.

Smartphones are pocket-sized computers that tend to heat up when you push their performance levels or load it with too much power.

Many parts of the country are facing intense heat waves in the past few weeks, where the temperatures have crossed the 50 degrees Celsius. At these levels, it is hard for humans to operate as the heat can suck all the energy from our bodies.

Similarly, the smartphones we use also face massive load from days like these. After all, these phones are effectively just computers that fit in our palms and come equipped with hardware that can heat up. You also have the charging tech for batteries that can also turn up the temperature which isn’t ideal for the device or the person standing next to it.

So, is there any way to prevent a major catastrophe from damaging your phone and how does one actually take care of their phones when the heat goes to such levels? Here’s a detailed guide on what you can and cannot do with your phones when the temperature goes beyond 46-48 degrees.

Smartphone Usage Tips To Follow When The Summers Get Really Hot

– First thing you should definitely follow is to reduce the amount of calls you take on the phone. While talking on the phone, you place the speaker in front of the face which could react in any way that could be unsafe for the person.

– Don’t let your smartphone’s battery drain out below 30 percent because when you decide to charge from a lower level, the battery will seek extra power from the charger which discharges more heat onto the device. With the fast-charging phones, the heat issue could become more serious, so be judicious and smart with your phone usage. And yes, most importantly, don’t use the phone while charging and use regular and certified chargers.

– Phones are used widely for navigation in the car which uses GPS for location data, Wi-Fi or mobile data based on what is available. Running these sensors on a phone for travelling can be a big heat warning, so you have to at least ensure that the phone is not placed in direct sunlight and keep it next to the AC duct to keep it cool when pushing all these apps. Similarly, if you are on a bike, keep the phone inside the bag and not your pocket where the chances of heating up are very dangerous.

– Heavy users who like playing games on the phone should reduce their usage and even watching videos on YouTube for long hours can be risky.

– Screen brightness is another big heat inducing factor in phones. Ideally, we recommend you keep it on auto-brightness and not the maximum level which is likely to heat up the phone further.