Situation In Israel ‘Very Intense And Scary’: Indian Students Share Experiences — WATCH

Testimonies from Indian students in Israel have begun to pour in, despite the embassy’s warning to all residents to “remain vigilant,” news agency ANI reported. Conrad Sangma, chief minister of Meghalaya, claimed 27 Christians from his state were trapped in Jerusalem. Students studying in Israel stated the environment is stressful but that they are safe. In an unprecedented step, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas staged a military incursion into Israel, which responded with air strikes. In Israel, the dead toll has grown to 100, with hundreds injured.

Indian students have stated that they are caught between going out and staying at home.

“I am very nervous and scared…Thankfully we have shelter & Israeli police forces nearby. So far we are safe…We are in touch with Indian Embassy people, we have a good Indian community around and we are connected,” said Goku Manavalan, an Indian student stuck in Israel.

Aditya Karunanithi Nivedita, an Indian student said: “It was all very sudden we did not expect it, because there are religious holidays in Israel going on. We got the sirens early in the morning at around 5:30 am. We were in bunkers for around 7-8 hours the sirens went off…We are asked to stay inside our homes…We are in contact with the Indian Embassy & they will update us for the future things.”

“The situation is tense in Israel because of the attack, but all the Indian students are safe. Most of the students are staying in dorms and accommodations provided by the college. We are in contact with each other as well as the Indian embassy,” said Vikas Sharma, an Indian student. 

“It is very intense & is scary…Indian Embassy is in touch with us in the group. They are keeping a check on us,” stated Vimal Krishnasamy Manivannan Chitra.

Meanwhile, Sangma requested assistance from the Ministry of External Affairs to rescue 27 persons from his country who were trapped in a war-like scenario between Israel and Palestine. He stated that he is in contact with the ministry in order to bring them back.

 “27 citizens of Meghalaya who traveled to Jerusalem for the Holy Pilgrimage are stuck in Bethlehem due to the present tension between Israel and Palestine. I am in touch with the MEA to ensure their safe passage back home,” the chief minister posted on X. 

The Indian Embassy has requested that all Indian nationals “follow safety protocols.” “In view of the current situation in Israel, all Indian nationals in Israel are requested to remain vigilant and observe safety protocols as advised by local authorities. Please exercise caution, avoid unnecessary movement, and stay close to safety shelters,” the embassy said.