Sidhu’s hope of premature release is broken: now he can come out in the first week of April, wife was furious for not being released earlier

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Amritsar32 minutes ago

Former Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu was not released on January 26. Since then till now the jail administration is keeping silence on this. Now when will Navjot Singh Sidhu be released, this question is going on in everyone’s mind. Sidhu may come out in the month of April if the general grace days are cut off.

After breaking the hope of release on January 26, it is now being speculated that Sidhu will come out only after completing his one year sentence. Sidhu went to jail on 20 May 2022, but his release will not have to wait till 19 May 2023. He will come out one to one and a half month ahead of time. That means Navjot Singh Sidhu can come out only in the first week of April.

Prisoners get the benefit of general exemption
According to experts, apart from NDPS and federal crimes, 4 to 5 days exemption is given in a month depending on the nature of the work assigned and the conduct of the prisoners. That means Sidhu can come out in the first month of April after this exemption.

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Significantly, from December 2022, discussions had started regarding the release of Navjot Singh Sidhu. A large section of the Punjab Congress also got involved in preparations to welcome Sidhu. Everyone was hopeful that Navjot Singh Sidhu would be released on 26 January 2023. Supporters reached outside the jail since the morning of 26 January, but Sidhu did not come out.

The proposal was not even kept in the cabinet
A file of about 56 people was made by the jail administration, who were to be released from jail on Republic Day due to good conduct. But this proposal was not kept in the cabinet meeting before Republic Day. Neither this resolution was passed in the cabinet nor did it go to the Governor of Punjab for signature.

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