Shraddha’s father Vikas Walkar came forward for the first time: said – what happened to my daughter should not happen to anyone; Aftab gets hanged

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Shraddha Walkar’s father Vikas Walkar met Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis ahead of the press conference.

Shraddha Walkar’s father Vikas Walkar appeared before the media for the first time on Friday. He said that the investigation is going on right now, but if Vasai, Tulinj police had taken this matter seriously earlier, maybe my daughter’s life could have been saved.

Vikas said- I do not want the same thing to happen to anyone else as it happened to my daughter. I want justice for my daughter, so her killer Aftab should be hanged. I tried to talk to my daughter but she didn’t respond to me in the last two years. I was never told what was happening with my daughter.

He told that the last time I talked to Shraddha was in 2021. She told that she lives in Bangalore. I spoke to Aftab on 26th September and asked about the daughter, he did not respond.

Shraddha’s father said- Delhi and Vasai police’s investigation is going well. Still Vasai Police, Nalasopara Police showed laxity in the investigation which is unfortunate.

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  • Delhi Police has assured us that we will get justice. Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has also assured me of getting justice. My daughter was brutally murdered. I had to face many problems because of Vasai police. If they had helped me, my daughter would have been alive.
  • I expect a similar lesson for Aftab Poonwala as he killed my daughter. An inquiry should be conducted against Aftab’s family members, relatives and all others involved in the incident.
  • I was against Shraddha and Aftab’s relationship. I was unaware of the domestic violence that happened to Shraddha. I think, his family knew what he was doing to him.
  • It was through dating apps that Shraddha came in contact with Aftab. It was Aftab who tricked Shraddha into leaving the house. Children over the age of 18 should be controlled to some extent. What happened to me should not happen to anyone else.

Shraddha’s father’s lawyer said – keep an eye on dating apps
Shraddha’s father’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha said that people have the right to use dating apps, but these dating apps should be monitored. Criminals and terrorists can use it. I think the names of Aftab’s family members should also be there in the charge sheet.

Aftab and Shraddha met through the Bumble dating app.

Aftab and Shraddha met through the Bumble dating app.

Aftab-Shraddha reached Delhi on 8th May, killed on 18th
Aftab-Shraddha came from Mumbai to Delhi on 8 May. From here started staying in hotels of Paharganj and then in South Delhi. After South Delhi, he had taken a flat near Mehrauli forest. On May 18, 10 days after reaching Delhi, 28-year-old Aftab murdered Shraddha and cut her into 35 pieces, which he kept in a 300-litre fridge for about three weeks. After this everyday he used to go to throw these pieces in Mehrauli forest. Aftab had seen several crime movies and shows including the American crime show Dexter before the incident.

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1. Aftab’s custody extended for 14 more days

Aftab Poonawala, accused in the Shraddha murder case, appeared in the Saket court through video conferencing. The court has extended his judicial custody for 14 more days. Last month also, Aftab was produced in the court through video conferencing from Delhi’s Ambedkar Hospital. The court sent him to judicial custody for 13 days. Read full news…

2. Aftab’s new girlfriend told- went to his house twice

Aftab’s new girlfriend came to the fore in the Shraddha murder case. He claimed that he had nothing to do with Shraddha’s murder or its fragments. The girl told that when she used to come to Aftab’s house to meet her, she had no idea that Aftab had kept the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body in this house. After Shraddha’s murder in May, Aftab started dating this new girl. Read the full news here…

3. Attempted attack on the van carrying Aftab

On November 27, an attempt was made to attack the van carrying Aftab by 4-5 people. These men followed the van as soon as he was being taken away from the forensic science lab after the polygraph test. Of these, 4-5 people had swords in their hands. The police took out revolvers to control the attackers. Although did not fire. Two attackers were taken into custody. Read the full news here…

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