SHOCKING! Viral video shows man getting crushed trying to repair car, Netizens blame auto gearbox

Repairing a broken car is a task that requires technical expertise and knowledge of the precautions needed while working on a broken vehicle. The task can be best done by professionals who excel in it or are trained with the necessary knowledge. However, people very often take things into their own hands trying to work on a technical problem they are unfamiliar with. A video of a similar incident went viral on the internet, where a man trying to repair a car ends up being crushed by the car. Though, it is not sure whether the man in the video is a professional mechanic or not but the incident leads us to believe the latter.

The now-viral video shows the mechanic opening the bonnet of the car from inside and later going back to inspect the car’s mechanical parts. The mechanic can be seen later making some changes in the car’s front end. Based on the scenario, he was probably trying to jump-start the car, which starts out of the blue, accelerates, and crashes into the steel gate in front of it while crushing the mechanic between the bonnet and the steel gate. The mechanic in the video seems to be severely hurt. By the end of the video, people gather around to help the in every possible way.

The video of the whole incident was posted on Twitter going by the name Deepak Prabhu. The caption on the video said, “If an automatic vehicle breaks down, never stand in front of the vehicle.” He added, saying, “Please warn your friends and relatives. Share this message as an example.” The video now has more than 738 thousand views on the micro-blogging site and around 13 thousand likes.

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Many social media users, after watching the viral video, tried to make their guess about the nature of the car’s transmission. One of the social media users commented on the post, saying, “This car is not an AT but an MT. Many people put their MT cars in 1st gear without engaging the handbrake when they park them. He has forgotten the car is in gear while attempting to start the car. All modern AT cars have many safety features to prevent such incidents.”

While one other user contested the guess of it being an MT car by saying, “Nope, this is an AMT coz modem MT car won’t start if your clutch is not pressed. What I am getting is he unknowingly put his gears in Drive gear (D) then tried to short start the starter and as the car started it starts to move as it doesn’t require the clutch to control.”