Shark Tank India 2: Sholay Actor Jalal Agha’s Lookalike Pitcher Stuns Judges

New Delhi: On the most recent episode of the show, the judges from the second season of ‘Shark Tank India’ encountered an unexpected guest who surprised them. Anupam Mittal remarked that the co-founder of Amore Gelato & Sorbetto reminded him of Jalal Agha. The Shark then discovered that he was, in fact, a relative of the Sholay actor, much to his surprise.

The other Shark Tank judges were taken aback by this. In the promo released by Sony Entertainment Television on Friday, the pitcher recounted his life and said that Jalal is his “mamu.”

The promotional video of Anupam Mittal and the pitcher was posted on Sony Entertainment Television with the caption,“Is Pitcher Ke Naak Ko Dekhke Shark Aman Ko Aayi Kisi Ki Yaad.”

Anupam told the pitcher in the beginning of the promo, “Sir you are Jalal Agha! Aapko kissi ne kaha hai ki aap Jalal Agha ki tarah dikhte hai (Did anyone tell you, that you look similar to Jalal Agha)?”

“Haan mere mamu hai (Yes, he is my uncle),” the pitcher immediately replied.

“Aapke mamu hai Jalal Agha sahab (Really? Is he your uncle)?” Anupam asked with utter surprise.

“Haan, meri ama ka bhai (He is brother of my mother),” the pitcher told Anupam who could not believe it. “Naak nhi dekh sakte (Cannot you see my nose)?” he continued.

“Dekh toh raha hai, isliye pocha mere bhai (Yes, I can see that, and that’s why I asked you, my brother),” Anupam said.

At the end of his story, the owner of Amore Gelato & Sorbetto said, “Mera amma Mumbai mai rehta tha, aur mera baap Hyderabad se aur mai paida hua America mai, aur mai bachpan se chaubees saal wahi rehta tha (My mom used to live in Mumbai, and my father lived in Hyderabad, and I was born in America and lived there for 24 years).”

Check out the clip here:

Jalal Agha was an actor by profession and appeared in a number of movies, including ‘Sholay’, ‘Gaman’, ‘Goonj’, and ‘Saat Hindustani’.