SER : Recognition of COB of Railway Men’s Union restored, committee in effect from zone to division – Rail Hunt

  • Regret of not being able to work in the interest of the employees, will stay away from controversy: Gautam

Kolkata / Jamshedpur. Dr. Mahua Verma, Principal Chief Personnel Officer, South Eastern Railway has restored the recognition of Elected COB (Central Office Bearers) of Railway Men’s Union. This decision was taken after the decision of the Alipore District Court of Kolkata. Chief Personnel Officer Dr. Mahua Verma handed over a letter to this effect to Railway Men’s Union General Secretary Gautam Mukherjee. Along with the order of Railways, the recognition of COB of SERMU declared in Adra BGM on 11 and 12 September 2022 has been restored.

List of COB of Railway Men’s Union

Now Railway Men’s Union (South Eastern Railway Men’s Union) has also become the authorized body for permanent talks with the management in the interest of railway employees. Union leaders in Chakradharpur, Ranchi, Adra and Kharagpur expressed happiness as soon as the list of COBs from the zone was released. It goes on to say that after the mutual dispute between the two factions of the union was taken to the court, the railway administration had banned the recognition of COB of the Railway Men’s Union and participation in the talks. Railway union leaders have welcomed the order issued at the zonal level on December 1.

South Eastern Railway Men’s Union General Secretary Gautam Mukherjee Talking to Railhunt said that he regrets not being able to work continuously in the interest of the employees. He said that work can be done in the interest of the employees only by staying away from controversies. The union will try to do maximum work in the interest of the employees.

List released from Chakradharpur division, MK Singh will lead

On December 2, a letter has also been issued from the office of the Senior Divisional Personnel Officer regarding the recognition of the office bearers of the Railway Men’s Union. This time the mandal will be led by the convenor MK Singh. In the issued statement, Divisional Coordinator of Chakradharpur Railway Division MK Singh has congratulated Com Gautam Mukherjee, Com Shivji Sharma and other leaders for this achievement. He has said that this can be possible only with the continuous efforts of the union leadership. Now the union will work for the benefit of the railwaymen and will be able to put the matter of the employees in front of the management. Many railwaymen including Anant Prasad, Sanjay Singh, Mukesh Singh were present on this occasion.

Letter issued from Chakradharpur Division