School denied entry to student in Telangana: 6th class student arrived wearing Ayyappa garland, people protested

Hyderabad14 minutes ago

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A Class 6 student in a school in Telangana’s Hyderabad was denied entry for wearing an Ayyappa garland. The case pertains to Mohans Grammar School in Malakpet area. The local people protested in front of the school on this matter. The incident is of Wednesday.

This child had taken the 41-day Ayyapan Diksha, in which devotees have to fast for 41 days before having the darshan of Lord Ayyapan at Sabarimala. During this he wears black clothes and Ayyappa garland. Devotees walk barefoot for these 41 days.

This is the case on Thursday at Mohans Grammar School in Malakpet area.

This is the case on Thursday at Mohans Grammar School in Malakpet area.

Deeksha Pracharak Samiti said – Christian schools are doing arbitrariness
Prem Gandhi, the national campaigner of Akhil Bharat Deeksha Pracharak Samiti, said that if anyone tries to stop us, we are ready to protest. Gandhi said that Christian missionaries and private schools of other religions in Telangana are doing their own thing. They are preventing children from wearing Ayyappa Mala.

Today we along with 1000 devotees of Ayyappa swamy demonstrated in front of the school, in response to which the school administration has said that they will allow children to enter the school wearing Ayyappa garlands. Such incidents are happening all over the state, so we are appealing to the administration to let everyone live according to their wishes without any uproar.

Talking about this incident, the Inspector of Chander Ghat Police Station said that around 10 people came to the station and talked to the management. The matter was settled immediately. It was just a misunderstanding.

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