Satya Nadella: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella invites Apple to be part of Windows 11 – Times of India

Microsoft Unveiled its latest version of Windows at an online event yesterday. while windows 11 There are a host of new features, one that has caught the attention is android apps Running on Windows. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella We talked more about Windows 11 in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.
In the interview, Nadella was asked whether Microsoft would integrate its software and services. iPhone. Nadella said, “We’d love to make sure it works well, we do everything we can. Like anything Apple wants to do with Windows, rather it’s iTunes, iMessage, or whatever.” Whatever it is, we welcome it.” He also said that Microsoft wants to make sure “our software runs great on Apple devices.”
Microsoft has partnered with heroineof app Store, which will allow Android apps to run and download on Windows 11. Nadella also emphasized that all apps are welcome to be included in Windows 11. “We have the potential to have multiple marketplaces. We want a great market, but we welcome other markets as well.”
During the online event, Nadella also ‘digged’ on Apple. Apple is renowned for a closed ecosystem and the Microsoft CEO stated that “the world today needs a more open platform, one that allows apps to be platforms in their own right.” It looked like Nadella was alluding to Apple.
Apple has been known to take a 30% cut from apps on any in-app purchases or subscriptions. Microsoft has said that it will not charge developers anything on Windows 11 and they are free to use any payment system they want.


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