Samsung May Launch A Cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 This Year. Here’s What We Know

Samsung is likely to introduce a more affordable foldable Galaxy Z Fold 6 option to the market this year. According to a report in South Korean publication The Elec, Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce a more affordable “entry-level” version of its upcoming foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

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It is to be noted that in the third quarter (Q3) of last year, Samsung clinched the third spot in foldable phone shipments in China, with a 19 per cent market share. The expected launch of an entry-level Galaxy Z Fold 6 is said to play a key role in Samsung’s efforts to expand its presence in the Chinese smart home market, the report added.

Samsung’s reported decision to introduce an entry-level variant for the Z Fold 6, rather than the Z Flip 6, likely stems from the recognition that the Z Flip series has already solidified its presence in the market. According to the report, the Z Flip series currently surpasses the Z Fold in terms of shipments within Samsung’s foldable phone lineup. (Read our full review of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 here)

According to display analyst Ross Young’s previous revelation, both the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 are expected to feature larger displays compared to their predecessors. Specifically, he mentioned that the Galaxy Z Flip 6’s cover display could be 3.9 inches, a notable increase from the 3.4-inch cover display found on the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

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Last year, foldable phones gained traction as several brands launched devices featuring foldable or flip-open designs, with larger displays. The segment, once dominated by Samsung, witnessed some very capable foldable devices from OnePlus and Tecno that entered the Indian foldable phone market and foldable smartphones became more accessible at slightly lower price points.

Towards the year’s end, OnePlus made a notable foray into the foldable market with its first foldable, the OnePlus Open. This debut garnered significant attention, showcasing OnePlus’ trademark “burdenless design”. The OnePlus Open differentiated itself by featuring a practical 6.31-inch FHD+ AMOLED external display, in contrast to the Galaxy Z Fold’s uncomfortably long one, providing users with the flexibility to use the device without constant unfolding.