Samsung Galaxy S22 Series To Receive New Camera Features, New Hyperlapse Mode And More.

A new One UI update for the Galaxy S22 Series is now available in South Korea, according to Samsung, and it includes new camera functions, picture quality enhancements, and other things. Although Samsung has not specified a precise launch date for a wider rollout, it is anticipated that the update will soon be available in other places, including India, the US, and Europe.

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It is worth noting that the latest release does not have a focus on bug fixes, ergo, there is a major focus on new camera features, which includes Hyperlapse mode support for the 3x telephoto lens that the Galaxy S22 series phones come with. Samsung, posting on its South Korean community forums, said that it also plans to bring an “Astronomical Hyperlapse” feature that is speculated to enable astro timelapses with just one tap.

It is unclear what the full changelog for the update says, but Samsung says it enhances QR code scanner performance by increasing the guide size and scanning speeds when using Quick Settings. A bug that prevented the camera from scanning QR codes after dismissing the app was also fixed by Samsung. Earlier, you had to restart the camera app to get it working again, but now you can simply tap a QR code to scan it again.

A lot of attention has been centred to video quality and stability, and there have been significant advancements in colour range, high dynamic range, night mode exposure. It’s also worth pointing out that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series phones will have the new Hyperlapse feature and QR upgrades. Now, all that is left to be done is wait for Samsung to publicly declare a release date for the remaining regions, which include India, the US, Europe, and more.
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Over the years, we have seen Samsung releasing major updates for its phones, making the camera experience drastically different than what it was at launch. The S10 and S20 Series has benefited massively from the improvements and new features released promptly by Samsung. It seems to be following suit with its current crop of flagship smartphones.

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