‘Rise & fall of India’s Congress’: PM Modi cites Harvard’s research to mock Rahul’s allegations over Adani row

Image Source : PTI PM Narendra Modi while addressing the Parliament on Wednesday.

PM Modi’s reply to Gandhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was addressing the Parliament on Wednesday, took a jibe at the case studies cited by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over the connection of the latter with the soaring wealth of business tycoon Gautam Adani. During his hour-long speech, PM Modi made scathing attacks on Gandhi but did not mention his name in his entire speech.

It is worth mentioning Adani Group is in the eye of a storm following the allegations of fraud and stock manipulation by a US-based short-selling firm. The company’s stocks have been hammered even though the group has rejected the charges. Ever since the report claiming serious fraud came out, the grand old party has been staging protests against Adadni and PM Modi and demanded an independent probe.

Meanwhile, PM Modi cited a report by a reputed Harvard University, wherein he claimed that the research exposed the rise and fall of the grand old party. “Some people (Rahul Gandhi) have a craze for Harvard studies. During the Coronavirus, it was said that there will be a case study on the devastation in India. Over the years an important study has been done at Harvard and the subject of the study is the ‘Rise and fall of India’s Congress Party,” said PM Modi.

Notably, the statement from the Prime Minister came a day after Gandhi, during his speech in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, linked the massive rise in the business fortunes and personal wealth of businessman Adani to the Modi government coming to power in 2014.

Meanwhile, after PM Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha, Gandhi again targeted the PM and claimed he was providing a “shield” to the businessman by not initiating an enquiry. Speaking to the media after PM Modi’s speech in the Parliament on Wednesday, Gandhi said that the Prime Minister chose to remain silent on the burning issue of Adani’s scams. Further, he asserted that he was not satisfied with the Prime Minister’s speech in the Lok Sabha and added he should have initiated an independent probe if he really wanted to clear the chaos.

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