Republic Day Sale: Noida Metro Offers Free Tickets for Next 10 Days, How to Avail?

Republic Day 2023: Noida Metro Rail Corporation, on the occasion of the 74th Republic Day, is offering free smart cards to travellers from January 26, 2023 to February 4, 2023. The offer is valid for travel on NMRC’s Aqua Line Metro, that connects Noida to Greater Noida. Noida Metro is offering the gift to the travellers as it completes 4 years of operation in India and is applicable to all passengers, with no conditions applied. Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari, earlier said that from January 26, 2023, Noida Metro Rail Corporation will offer free smart card, travellers and would set up a camp for the next 10 days. This card has been designed by SBI for Noida Metro.

How To Get a Smart Card?

A smart card is a prepaid card offered by the Noida Metro that travellers can use for metro commuting, without buying a token/ ticket every time they enter a station. One has to recharge the card as per their travel requirements. This smart card has a refundable fee followed by minimum balance. However, Noida Metro is now offering the smart card free of cost. Commuters can go to their nearest metro station to get this card. 

Noida Metro Rail Corporation has also increased the limit of the minimum balance of Smart Card. While, Noida Metro earlier had a limit of only Rs 10 for the minimum balance on a smart card, it has now been increased to Rs 50 for entry into a Metro.