Report of mountain cracking in Bhiwani from Ground Zero: Blockade at three places from Khanak village to mine; When SP asked, the contractor could not tell the number of laborers

Khanak/Bhiwani5 minutes agoAuthor: Ramandeep

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Several people were buried in Tosham in Haryana’s Bhiwani district on Saturday morning when the hills cracked. The accident took place in the Govardhan Mines mine in the hill of Dadam, about 4 km from Khanak village. It is not known how many laborers were working there. When SP Bhiwani asked the contractor, he could not tell how many people were working here. At present, only the people working on the mountain are engaged in the rescue work. At the same time, the administration has called the NDRF team. 12 ambulances have been pressed into the spot.

20-25 people buried in Bhiwani due to the cracking of mountains: 3 dead bodies, those from Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan; 3 big stones obstruct rescue work

There is a four km long rough road from the village to reach the accident hill of Dadam. After this, mining is going on down to about 400 feet at the foot of the hill. This is where the debris fell after the mountain fell. People and machines are buried under this debris. In this, 4 Poklane, 2 Hall Machines, 2 Tractors and 6 Trolleys have been buried. The number of people trapped under the rubble is not yet known.

Three blocks on the way to reach the mine

The road from Khanak village to the mine is very rough. To prevent people from reaching the mine, the police-administration has put up blockades at 3 places. The administration says that due to the arrival of more people, there will be an atmosphere of panic. To avoid that, no one is being allowed to reach the mine.

Administration does not know the number of laborers buried even after 9 hours

Bhiwani DC Ramandeep and SP Ajit Singh Shekhawat reached the spot. When the SP asked the contractor how many people were working in the mine. On this the contractor started hesitating. He said that people come by parking the car there. We do not let anyone go there till the car is filled. So can’t say for sure how many people were there. After this the SP reprimanded him fiercely. Along with asked all his laborers to count. Till now the administration has not even got to know how many people are buried under the rubble of the mountain.

Three machines are engaged in rescue work

The rescue team is engaged with three machines to clear the debris from the hill. Among the rubble that fell on the spot are three several thousand tons of stones, which are becoming the biggest obstacle in the rescue work. The machines engaged in rescue work are unable to remove these stones. Due to the huge weight and size of the stones, the rescue work is facing problems. A team of National Disaster Management Force (NDRF) has been called to assist in the rescue work.

12 ambulances stationed on the spot

In view of the ongoing rescue work, 12 ambulances have been deployed near the hill of Dadam. With their help, the injured will be taken to the hospital. At present, only the people working in the mine along with the administrative team are engaged in the rescue work. However, no one injured could be pulled out from the debris for the last four hours. So far, four people have been rescued from the rubble in the morning, out of which three have died and the injured are under treatment in Hisar.

The administration rejected the demand of the MP

To expedite the relief work, MP Dharambir Singh asked the local people to be sent down. The administrative officials rejected this demand outright. DC Ramandeep said that the mountain can slip at any time, due to this the lives of more people cannot be put in danger. Efforts are being made to move the big stones by machines in the rescue work. Right now only machines are being used for this work.

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