Religion-Karma-Astrology – Hastrekha Shastra: Women have fingers like this, they are serious and very expensive by nature #INA

The way a person’s personality can be found out by looking at the lines of the hand in palmistry. In the same way, through the samudrik shastra, people can be traced on the basis of the structure of the body parts. Every part of the body (finger of women) gives many important information related to our nature. The shape of the fingers is considered to be of great importance in astrology. Fingers reflect the nature of a person and this is seen more closely in the case of women. According to oceanography, by looking at the finger of any woman, you can easily find out about her nature. So, let us know how one can know about the nature of a woman as well as her likes and dislikes based on the shape of the fingers.

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Women with big and little fingers

Women whose fingers are thick and short. Such women remain cool in themselves. Such women are pure of heart and do not keep deceit in their mind. Such women try to please everyone. One of the drawbacks in these is that such women are considered less responsible for the work (length of hand finger).

middle finger of women

The woman in whose hand the middle finger is more than the surrounding fingers. They are very honest by nature. On the other hand, women whose middle finger size is more than normal i.e. longer than the rest of the fingers but, if it is not too long, then they are considered to be of serious nature.

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Women with long and thin fingers

Women whose fingers are long and thin. They are very creative. Such women do not expect much from any other person in front. Such women are considered perfect in maintaining relationships like girlfriend, wife, friend.

Fat and full finger women

Women whose fingers are thick and full. They are very serious and responsible about work and relationships. But, such women are not good at saving. These are very expensive (size of finger) type by nature.

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