Refusal to give Sonali’s post-mortem CD: Goa Police Inspector said – Now take videography CD from CBI, family will go to court

Sanmeet Singh Thind, Hisar4 minutes ago

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CBI will now investigate Sonali Phogat murder case. On the other hand, Goa Police has refused to videograph the post-mortem report to Sonali’s family members. On Thursday evening, Sonali’s brother Rinku Dhaka called the Anjuma Police Station Inspector of Goa Police and asked for the CD of the post-mortem videography.

In response, the Inspector said that this case has now been handed over to the CBI and you should now take the videography CD from the CBI itself. Rinku told that according to the rules 2 CDs of videography are made. One CD would remain with the police, the other Goa Police had to provide us, but Goa Police kept both the CDs with them.

Rinku Dhaka told that Goa Police Inspector says that we have to handover the case to CBI, so we will not give CD. Then Rinku talked about taking CD from CBI or through court, that is, Sonali’s family will now go to court. Please tell that during Sonali’s post-mortem, the family had demanded videography.

Goa Police handed over documents to CBI

Haryana BJP leader Sonali Phogat murder case has now been taken over by CBI. CBI has registered an FIR by taking documents related to the case from Goa Police. From the very beginning, Sonali’s family was not satisfied with the investigation by the Goa Police and was demanding a CBI probe. The Haryana Chief Minister also talked to the Goa government and recommended the investigation of the case by the CBI. For this, Sonali’s family members also wrote a letter to the Supreme Court Justice. There were also protests. In view of the issue not progressing, the case was handed over to the CBI.

So far 5 arrested in murder case

The police of Anjuna police station of Goa is investigating the massacre that took place in Goa’s Curlies restaurant on August 23. A case of murder has been registered against Sudhir-Sukhwinder, along with room boy Datta Prasad Gaonkar, owner of Curlies Club Edwin and Rama Mandrekar under NDPS Act. The five have been arrested by the police. Sudhir and Sukhwinder hatch a conspiracy and kill Sonali. Datta Prasad provided drugs to Sudhir for 12 thousand rupees. For this work, Sudhir paid Dutta Rs.5,000 and Rs.7,000 twice. Edwin did not oppose the use of drugs in his restaurant. Rama Mandrekar is a drug smuggler, from whom Datta Prasad took drugs and gave them to Sudhir.

Three diaries with Goa Police

A 2-member team of Goa Police came to Haryana to investigate the Sonali murder case. Search was done in Hisar, Gurugram and Noida. Passports, jewelery were recovered from the flats of Sudhir Sangwan and Sonali. Property papers were recovered from Sonali’s house in Hisar. The record of Sonali’s property was taken by going to the tehsil. Sudhir’s family was questioned. Simultaneously, three diaries of Sonali were confiscated and taken with them. A locker was also sealed. During this it was learned that Sudhir wanted to take some part of Sonali’s land on lease.

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