Refund fraud hits railways! IRCTC alerts passengers to not share THIS info

Alert rail passengers! Indian Railways has warned rail passengers against possible fraud in the name of the ticket refund process. Railway authorities have warned passengers to not respond to any suspicious calls or links as it may result in financial fraud. With the increase in the use of online ticketing and payment via UPI handle, there have been cases of fraud in the ticket refund process of IRCTC. 

Railway Seva took to Twitter to spread the word and make passengers aware after a Twitterati reported about the same. He explained how he got a fraud call claiming the person was someone from IRCTC and further asked him about his bank details for the refund amount. “They called me asking about the bank details like UPI ID and refund amount. IRCTC never asks about any details, so be careful,” read his tweet. 

The IRCTC officials took immediate action against it and asked the Twitterati to share his PNR number along with contact details. Later, officials helped him with a link from where he could track the status of his complaint.

The Railway Seva then tweeted about the same.“Users are requested not to respond to any links or suspicious calls as it may result in financial fraud with users involving UPI handles. Some Twitter followers are targeting IRCTC users on Twitter who raise a query about their booking, refund/TDR, txn -IRCTC Official,” read the tweet. 

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“Such people calling from different numbers and send some links. The refund process is fully automatic. No human intervention is involved in IRCTC refunds. Please do not respond to such links or calls -IRCTC Official,” another tweet read. 

As a precautionary measure and to alert the customers even more, the IRCTC has written on their website which reads “Indian Railways, IRCTC employees never call any passengers on refund issue and never ask personal banking information such as Debit/Credit card number OTP/ATM or PAN number and neither ask for any Remote control app.”

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