Ravrambha Collects Rs 3.1 Crore In First Week After Decent Start At Box Office

Ravrambha was released on more than 300 screens.

The movie Marathi actors Monalisa Bagal and Om Bhutkar performed well in the first week of its release.

Ravrambha is yet another period drama set in the times of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s growing Maratha Empire. Touted to be a film with a riveting storyline, Ravrambha was released on May 26 across Maharashtra. The movie stars Marathi actors Monalisa Bagal and Om Bhutkar and performed heavily in the first week of its release, earning Rs. 3.14 crore. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Shahir, which was released a month ago, is seen competing with the film in terms of collection.

Ravarambha, made on a budget of Rs 6 crore, has recovered almost half of its production cost from the first week of box office collection in Maharashtra. It was released on more than 300 screens. It is also expected to have a successful run in the coming weeks. The other Marathi movies running simultaneously are Ghar Banduk Biryani, Maharashtra Shahir, Jaggu Ani Juliet, and Vaalvi. Maharashtra Shahir earned Rs 3.3 crore in its first week. The movie is produced by Bhausaheb Pawar and Sashikant Sheela under the banner of Sashikant Pawar Productions.

This movie, which is directed by Anup Ashok Jagdale, tells the tale of Ravrambha Nimbalkar, a warrior who has dreams about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Swaraj. In addition, a love aspect of Ravrambha’s life is also explored in this movie. The role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is played by well-known Marathi actor Shantanu Moghe.

Before the release, the producers shared his looks for the movie on Instagram, which created buzz on social media. It led fans to believe that Shantanu’s facial expressions and acting abilities are ideal for portraying the role of a legendary Maratha warrior. In earlier movies, actors like Mahesh Manjrekar and Sharad Kelkar have played the part of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.