Rape-Murder of Dalit Teenager in Badaun after Lakhimpur: Girl Mentally Weak, Bruises on Body; Mother said – Police took the dead body without informing

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After Lakhimpur, now a Dalit teenager was murdered after rape in Badaun. A 16-year-old girl from a village in Faizganj Behta area was missing since Friday night. Late Saturday evening, the girl’s body was found lying in the ground behind Asafpur railway station. Injuries were found on his body. The girl’s mental condition was not good.

The girl’s mother said- “We had received a call that an accident had happened. On coming here, only the face was allowed to see, then the police took away the body.” The report of this matter has also been summoned to the DGP headquarters.

The girl fought before she died

This picture is after the arrival of the police on the occasion-e-incident. Forensic evidence has also been collected from the spot.

The post-mortem report related to this case came out on Saturday. In this, soil has been found in the windpipe of the girl. There are injury marks on the body including the neck. In such a situation, it is feared that the girl had struggled before she died. But she could not save herself. Now the police has registered an FIR for murder after rape. Late Saturday night SSP Dr. OP Singh and SP Dehat Siddharth Verma inspected the spot.

Mother said – the outpost killed the daughter
The family members were upset at the postmortem house. He alleged that his child died due to police negligence. He has accused the police. The family said that why did the police rush to Badaun with the corpse in a hurry? At the postmortem house, the girl’s mother said, “Had it not been for the carelessness of the staff posted at the post, the daughter would have been alive. The outposts got my daughter killed.”

The panel of doctors did the postmortem
The family has denied having any enmity with anyone. The police has got the postmortem done by a panel of 3 doctors. The report revealed that soil was found in the respiratory tract of the throat. Injuries were found on the neck and on the body. At the same time, her vaginal wash has been kept safe. The slides have also been made by the doctors. So that he can be sent to the forensic lab for examination.

late night funeral
The last rites of the girl’s body were performed late on Saturday night. When the family initially raised the demand for suspension of the staff of the policemen, the officers assured action after investigation. SP Dehat also said that the murderer must be caught first. When asked for the cooperation of the family in focusing on this, people agreed and the body was cremated late in the night.

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