Rakhi Sawant Says Adil Khan Durrani Sold Her Nude Videos For Rs. 47 Lakhs

New Delhi: Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani are engaging in a spitfire of allegations proving each other wrong and what led to the dissolution of their relationship. After Adil walked out of a Mysore jail, he held a press conference quashing many allegations made by his ex-partner Rakhi Sawant. On Tuesday, Adil retaliated with claims about Rakhi filing false rape case, extortion and much more. In response, Rakhi Sawant hit back with a series of equally controversial statements.

Leveling fresh charges against former husband Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi told Pinkvilla, “I am in bathroom and he’s shooting from can you see? Aise bohot saare videos. Mera full body nude dikh rahe hai. I was quiet. I was his wife and he was raping me in the house.”

“Videos viral ho jayenga na fir kya karu main. Zaher kha jau, suicide kar lu, kaha jau? Pure duniya mere nude video dekhne ke baad kaha jau? Kidhar jau, kaunse samaj mein rahu? Tell me where should I go? How to show my face to the world? Mai normal ladki nehi hu, India ke celebrity hu, ek brand hu. Within one year mera talaq kar diya usne,” she added in the same interaction.

Adil Khan Durrani was arrested on February 7 this year after Rakhi Sawant leveled charges against him related to fraud, extramarital affairs and more.

Adil, who is out of jail now, also accused Rakhi of lying and her claims of miscarriage. He claimed that the actress cannot get pregnant and that Rakhi had gotten a uterus-removal surgery.

“6-7 din hua tha, natak chal raha tha, Adil aur mera bacha gir gaya, humara miscarriage hogaya. But how can she be pregnant? When she was admitted, I was sitting at the hospital with her when she had to get her uterus removed because of age-related issues. At that very moment, the police came and arrested me. From the time I called her in the night to when I went at her place in the morning, she had filed an FIR overnight,” he told the Bollywood Bubble. However, Rakhi has denied the charges by sharing a video with her gynaec confirming that she can get pregnant.