Rajasthan Assembly Elections: 9.77% Voter Turnout Recorded In First 2 Hours Till 9 AM

Rajasthan Polling News: A voter turnout of 9.77 per cent has been recorded in the state of Rajasthan in the first two hours till 9 am as polling continues on the 199 seats, as per the data of the Election Commission of India. Voters could be seen lined up at various polling booths to exercise their franchise. The timing for the casting vote is from 7 am to 6 pm. PM Narendra Modi, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi and many leaders of political parties have urged people to participate in the festival of democracy with enthusiasm.

PM Narendra Modi asked voters to turn out in maximum numbers and create a “new record”.

“Voting will be held today for Rajasthan Assembly elections. I request all the voters to create a new record of voting by exercising their franchise in maximum numbers. On this occasion, my best wishes to all the young friends of the state who are going to vote for the first time,” he posted on X.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that voters should vote for a government that is beneficial to the people and has guarantees. 

In a post on X, he said, “Rajasthan will choose free treatment
✅ Rajasthan will choose cheaper gas cylinder
✅ Rajasthan will choose interest free agricultural loan
✅ Rajasthan will choose English education
✅ Rajasthan will choose OPS
✅ Rajasthan will choose caste census

“Today, go out in large numbers and exercise your franchise. Elect a Congress government that is beneficial to the people and has guarantees,” he added.

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