Railways gives pension to its employees, so Ministry should restore old pension scheme by closing NPS : Bhosale – Rail Hunt

  • In the joint session of IRSTMU-AIRF, the General Secretary of WREU advocated for the implementation of the old pension scheme
  • Veteran leaders of railway unions in Nadiad auditorium were overwhelmed by the praise of Shiva, a student of class V Utkarsh

NADIAD. In Nadiad, Gujarat, once again the demand for restoring the old pension scheme in the railways rose. The occasion was Indain Railways S&T Maintainers’Union (IRSTMU) – Joint session of AIRF in which veteran leaders of other organizations besides railway unions participated. In the joint session, WREU General Secretary Com. Addressing the gathering, JR Bhosle said that the Railways is the only institution that gives pension to its employees, whereas all the ministries of the Government of India give pension to the employees from the head of the Government of India. Therefore, all railway employees should be given pension under the old pension scheme and NPS should be stopped immediately. He asked the Railway Ministry to take immediate initiative in this direction.

O J R Bhosle with views

In the joint conference, WREU General Secretary Com. Apart from JR Bhosale, Assistant General Secretary Com of WREU, Santosh Pawar, Divisional Secretary of Ahmedabad Division Com. Dinesh Panchal, Board Chairman of Vadodara Mandal Com AP Maurya, Treasurer of Ahmedabad Division Hariram Meena, CSBF member GR Verma along with many office bearers of WREU Vadodara Division also attended. However, special present AIRF General Secretary and Member Staff Side Restructuring Committee Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra who not only appreciated the work being done by IRSTMU but also assured them that he stands with them every step of the way and the S&T personnel regarding Risk and Hardship Allowance and Restructuring will get to hear the good news very soon.

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staging officer at the convention

National President of IRSTMU Naveen Kumar, National General Secretary Alok Chandra Prakash, National Treasurer Prabodh Srivastava, National Assistant Secretary Jagdish Beniwal, National Vice President BL Meena, National Co-Secretary Revathi Raman, National Vice President Kalpesh Parvatia, etc. gave their views. The leaders of Indain Railways S&T Maintainers’Union made it clear that their organization will continue to struggle on every platform and if the demand is not met soon, they will also start a new revolution in the coming days. In addition to the office bearers from the divisions, 250 Signal and Telecom Department employees were present in the convention.

S&T employees get one crore term insurance with Ricks and Hardship Allowance: Alok Chandra

Shiva praises the excellence

The convention started with the praise of Lord Shiva. Utkarsh, a Class V student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Nadiad, sang Shiva Stuti in a melodious voice. This was the moment when even veteran union leaders of railways present in Nadiad’s auditorium became emotional. Union General Secretary Alok Chand Prakash apprised AIRF General Secretary Shivgopal Mishra about the situation of telecommunication employees and reiterated the demand that Ricks and Hardship Allowance should be provided to S&T employees at the earliest and term insurance of one crore should also be given to all S&T employees.

Signal and Telecom employees in Nadiad displayed unity as well as displayed discipline. National co-secretary Revathi Raman and vice-president BL Meena talked about creating a big movement for Ricks Allowance. So National Treasurer Prabodh Srivastava informed about TCAS and told how much work load is going to come on signal and telecom staff in the coming time. Jagdish Beniwal, Arun Kumar underlined the contribution of departmental staff in high speed and high network for passenger safety and safe rail travel.

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