Punjab Congress chief shocked during Bharat Jodo Yatra: Raja Warding was taking the leader to meet Rahul Gandhi, the security personnel pushed him away

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Amarinder Singh Raja Warding had to face a setback yesterday during Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra in Punjab. Punjab Congress President Warding was taking a particular leader closer to Rahul Gandhi. Seeing this, the employee posted in Rahul’s security pushed Raja Vading aside.

All this happened in front of Rahul Gandhi. However, there was no reaction from his side. After its video surfaced, Raja Vading is getting very angry. However, Congressmen are clarifying that he was taking a common worker to meet Rahul.

it was shown in the video
Raja Warding was walking with Rahul Gandhi. Suddenly he came running forward. Caught the arm of someone walking ahead and took him behind to meet Rahul Gandhi. As soon as he took the worker closer, the security personnel accompanying Rahul saw him. He immediately pushed the worker aside and pushed Raja Warding to the side right in front of Rahul. After which a hot talk was also seen between the security personnel and Raja Warding.

In Punjab, more policemen are present around Rahul Gandhi than workers.

Workers away from Rahul Gandhi in Punjab
Extra precaution is being taken in the security of Rahul Gandhi in Punjab. Here only big leaders are allowed to walk close to Rahul. Apart from Raja Warding, the leader of the opposition party Pratap Singh Bajwa is also included in these.

When Congress workers threw flowers at Rahul Gandhi in Ludhiana, the security personnel put up a bulletproof shield.

When Congress workers threw flowers at Rahul Gandhi in Ludhiana, the security personnel put up a bulletproof shield.

It is already decided who will meet Rahul Gandhi
It is already decided who will meet Rahul Gandhi during his visit. Rahul Gandhi’s security is also informed about him. That’s why there is no restriction in it. While walking in the journey, if Rahul Gandhi himself wants, he can call someone to meet him. Apart from this, no one is allowed to go near Rahul.

Maximum security in Punjab
Rahul Gandhi’s visit has been given maximum security in Punjab. In Haryana, there used to be a circle of workers in front and behind Rahul Gandhi. There is police cordon all around in Punjab. Rahul has been given three layer security here. The Punjab Congress itself had expressed concern about this. He met CM Bhagwant Mann and asked him to ensure Rahul’s security.

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