Prophet Remark Row: Thane Police Website Hacked By Indonesian Group, Restored Later

New Delhi: Amidst nation-wide protest over now-suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s controversial statements about Prophet Mohammad, a hacker group named “One Hat Cyber Team” on Tuesday hacked the official website of the Thane Police.

The group allegedly belongs to Indonesia.

Seeking apology from the centre, the hackers on Thane police official website issued a statement that reads, “Hello Indian government. Hello everyone. Again and Again you make trouble with the problem of Islamic Religion. I think you don’t understand tolerance. We are too lazy to treat trash like you guys. Hurry up and apologize to muslims all over the world. We don’t stand still when our apostle is insulted.”

At the end of the message, the hackers have also uploaded a song titled “War” by Sum 41, a Canadian rock band from Ajax, Ontario.

Earlier, the Malaysian hacktivist organisation DragonForce had begun a campaign against the Indian government called OpsPatuk, which means “strike back.” “Muslim Hackers From All Over The World, Human Rights Organizations, and Activists (sic)” are also being sought, India Today reported.

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Prophet Remark Row

Protests erupted across the country on Friday, with demonstrators demanding action and the arrest of suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and her former party colleague Naveen Kumar Jindal for their statements against Prophet Mohammed.

Protests took place in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Ranchi, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, and Jammu and Kashmir, with violencein certain regions.

Authorities in the affected areas shut down the Internet and increased security as they clamped down on demonstrators reportedly participating in the violence and skirmishes with police, arresting over 300 individuals in Uttar Pradesh alone.

On Saturday, a bandh was held in Jharkhand’s capital, Jodhpur, in response to a plea by Hindu organisations to stop the violence. Around 2,500 police officers were deployed, and the district’s internet service was halted.