Prithviraj and Nayanthara Starrer Gold’s Morning Shows Cancelled In Chennai; Know Why

Last Updated: December 01, 2022, 16:27 IST

Nayanthara and Prithviraj-starrer Gold’s 8 am shows have been cancelled in Chennai.

The Tamil and Malayalam versions of Alphonse Puthren’s Gold were supposed to release on December 1. However, the 8 am shows of the Nayanthara and Prithviraj-starrer have been cancelled in Chennai.

Prithviraj Sukumaran and Nayanthara’s movie Gold has already hit the box office but the latest development surrounding the film is that its morning shows stand cancelled. During an interview with India Today, an employee of Kasi Talkies in Chennai revealed that they did not receive the KDM (a key required to play a movie) for the film to begin at 8 am. He further mentioned that they were given the information to play the film after 10 am. “We did not receive the KDM for Gold for our 8 am show. For now, we have received information that we can play the film after 10 am. Similarly, we had to cancel several shows of the Tamil version on November 30,” he said.

Prithviraj’s fans were let down when the 8 am Gold shows in Chennai were cancelled. Initially, the Tamil version of Gold was cancelled because it was reported that the dubbing had not been completed. Later that day, on December 1, theatres informed fans that they had not received the KDM.

Alphonse Puthren’s Gold, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Nayanthara, was released on Thursday, December 1, but seems like the movie is experiencing last-minute snags.

Gold is being written, edited and directed by Alphonse Puthren. Apart from Prithviraj Sukumaran and Nayanthara, the movie also stars Roshan Mathew, Deepti Sati and Chemban Vinod Jose in pivotal roles. The film was supposed to be released in September during Onam, but it was delayed. Alphonse informed his fans that he needed time to work on the film and was not interested in releasing a sloppy product.

The plot develops between the happenings that occur over the course of four days in the life of Joshi, a mobile store owner who buys a new car as a result of an almost finalised marriage with Radha. The Tamil-dubbed version of “Gold” won’t be available on theatre screens until December 2 due to censorship and dubbing concerns. The ‘Gold’ trailer hinted that there would be a number of notable cameos in the film.

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